‘Reader discretion is advised, some readers might find this disturbing.’

What would life be without sports, right? Pretty boring if you ask me.
The highlights of my week, watching football and being able to enjoy my hobby as a football referee. Yes, I am a Gunner (or Arsenal fan) since the age of 14 and have been traumatised over the past years under the Wenger regime. Thank the Gods he is leaving. Here are my exploits into the world of sports.

PS. For our American readers please be clear that when I refer to the term ‘football’ I mean soccer.

The most watched and popular sport in the world has captivated me since I was just a small boy and continues to do so at the age of 30. On the other hand it continues to frustrate the living daylight out of my wife who also co-authors this section with utter bluntness.
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Red Carded
You might wonder why I would partake in one of the most ungrateful roles in football, refereeing? Well there are many beautiful sides to this hobby, but also a few negatives ones, which make for good reading material.
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The Shirt Collector
An addiction that has driven my parents, all ex-girlfriends mad for most of my life.
I collect and wear (most of them) football shirts. Not the fake ones that you buy at a local market that have Nike logo where the ‘e’ is missing, no the real deal. Something I started from a young age and has taken on crazy norms. At a certain point my collection reached 70 shirts.
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