Mr Wedding Planner: 32 days to go

Yes I am still alive and kicking! It’s been a while, I know folks!
After a rather hectic past few months I had to wind down for a bit and enjoy my spare time a bit more, together with my fiancee of course!
Working a full time job, traveling for work, building a completely new website and continuing with the wedding planning has kept me quiet lately, but not anymore!
Today I will cover wedding jitters, tailor made suits, weather gods, bachelor parties and hurricane Irma.


Wedding Jitters
Its been more than 9 months of active planning, organising and fighting with family and in-laws, but now we are just a few weeks away from the big day.
There have been times I felt like Jim Carrey on the right here, but hey it is wedding planning and if I recall correctly that is never a walk in the park.
But with less than five weeks to go until the big day I have see myself getting more and more nervous by the day. For some reason there are a few things that I cannot get out of my head: what does my fiancee’s dress look like, will the weather hold up and will she actually say yes for the second time, when it actually matters?! LOL.
I have told my fiancee not to watch the following films just in case she gets cold feet:

  • Runaway Bride
  • My best friend’s wedding
  • Wedding Crashers

Maybe more important will be for me to keep some manly dignity and not cry like a wimp and faint when she walks down the aisle…

Tailor Made Suits
I had this grand idea to rent a jacquet outfit for the wedding, however the more I looked at images of it the more I started feeling like it was going to be a big mistake. Similar to Trump before he was about to grab the p*ssy and Bill Cosby when he topped the first victims drink with a peculiar pill. Oh wait no wait they do not have a conscience I actually meant like Oscar Pistorius before he accidentally on purpose blew his wife into a thousand pieces in the bathroom. Oh no bad example again. Anyway doubt is a nasty thing and then my fiancee said: “I think you should get a tailored made suit”.
Damn woman, you are correct! What a great idea.

So there I was going through websites who do fitting sessions for tailor made suits and found a good one in the area.
Suits priced from 450 euro’s and upwards it said. Ahum…You can tell where this is going.
Together with my fiancee and mother we went down to the fitting session in town. At first I was introduced to a wide array of fabrics and styles which funnily enough made me focus on one specific one, which at the end happens to be the chosen design. A bit like walking into a phone shop intending to buy an iphone, then the salesman shows you all the available android phones and then still buying the iphone.

So having two favourite design in front of me the lady kindly shared the prices with us for a three piece suit…..950 euros……1200 euros….1500 euros….

Hmm you must be thinking where is that 450 euro suit? A good old marketing trick let’s just leave it at. Because as it appeared I have good but expensive taste.
One guess what the invoice will be showing: Yup 1500 euro’s!! (time for a Benny Hill expression again)
As I now wait for it to be finished I will probably be too scared to even wear something of that worth! Oh well you only marry once right?

Weather Gods
I am no believer, no God, Allah or Buddha for me, but I will be praying to Indra, Odin, Zeus and Horus for some bloody decent weather on our wedding day. With the wedding partly taking place outside we just need some dry, mild and not too windy weather conditions. Not too much to ask for right? So please pray with me and hopefully I will be able to share beautiful weather wedding pictures with you after our wedding.
Maybe Friday the 13th is going to bite us in the bum after all, but I am going to remain positive just like Jason did on that day.


Bachelor Parties
A while back I mentioned that my bachelor party will not be taking place in my home country the Netherlands, but one of my favourite places in the UK, Manchester. I studied there and have some very fond memories which I hope to continue with my bachelor party. Normally I am not a big fan of surprises so the fact that my best man has arranged this whole thing and I do not know one single detail frightens me as much as it excites me! I have made an assumption of how my mates possibly might want me to dress during the bachelor weekend next week!

1. Ali G


2. The Princess


3. Elvis in the building


On the other hand maybe my mates will be modest and just stick to a funny t-shirt. Either way I am well excited for a crazy weekend of fun and surprises! Big thanks to my mate and best man Alister for arranging the whole thing!

Mr Wedding Planner: 91 days to go

Are you ready for the weekend? Because I certainly am after everything that has happened solely in this past week. This weeks’ episode of Mr Wedding Planner I have family feuds, a new wedding location, and complete wedding overhaul bonanza for that matter. Get your seat belts fastened and hold on to your hats folks!


Emotional Rollercoaster
It has been a quiet past few weeks since I last wrote to you all, quiet on the blogging front, the life front has been far from quiet. A bit like five heavy metal singers ‘grunting’ in your ears at maximum volume simultaneously, 24/7.

We had troublesome times coming from both sides of the families. But after all that crap I am happy to be on the path of mending relations with my parents, I am not going to lie, I still wish it could have gone differently from the start, but alas we will have to get over that one and I slowly but surely am.

Over the past months my fiancee and I have even started having a go at each other, over stuff that wasn’t even of our own doing, or wrongdoing should I say.

It developed into a situation so poisonous and concerning that a few weeks ago I had a mini mental breakdown and last week my fiancee caved in as well. This could no longer continue in this fashion and considering we had yet to enjoy our wedding preparations or even get excited for one minute, we felt it was time to ring the alarm and make a drastic u-turn!

Wedding 2.0
So there we were earlier this week, distraught, broken and suffering from sleep deprivation, thinking: “why don’t people just want us to be happy?”. Yes folks, in the past three days we completely overhauled our wedding, from top to bottom.

We cut the guest list down from 50 to 20 people, changed the location, a lot of admin crap with the city council, arranged new activities, catering and managed to keep our wedding date. (otherwise we would have been screwed, since the date is engraved into our wedding rings!)

Funnily enough as much as we felt it this week, my fiancee and I had not felt excitement and motivation like this once in our previous year of planning. We even feel that this new wedding setup completely beats the initial one. It was almost like it was meant to happen, fate behold. The cancelling of 30 guests hurt, but every single one of them, shared their understanding and sympathy with us, which was just what we needed to hear in these dark times.

We have less than three months to go and I pray to God that nobody or nothing will screw anything else up for us.


Screw You!
What is a wedding about? Is it not about the coming together of two people who love each other unconditionally and want nothing more than live together happily ever after and share this with their closest family and friends? Then how is it possible that some of those closest to us have the preposterous audacity to shit all over our ‘happy’ day and preparations because they believe their selfish attention seeking bullshit is more important! Shame on you!

Weddings are simple, you are invited, you want to go to it because you care about those to be wed. But apparently that is a not a given to some. I am upset, angry and distraught, not just to have seen the pain and despair in my fiancees eyes but knowing that certain people have disappointed us and even deserted us in our hour of need.

Let’s just say this was a lesson learned.


To conclude I wish to apologise for this very dark, yet honest post. Additionally I wish to apologise to those who can no longer come to our wedding, at least those that gave a crap. Ragna and I appreciate your sympathy and understanding and value this highly. You mean a lot to us.

To all the others who thought they were more important than us on our most important day, go see Satan, I hear he needs more slaves…

P.S. Ragna, my dearly beloved, nothing can beat our love, our passion and perseverance and at least we can now move on and spend 3 more months actually enjoying our perfect day. I love you!

Mr and Mrs-To-Be #happycouple #loveconquersall

Mr Wedding Planner: 123 days to go

After a rather turbulent and emotional week we venture into the world of cakes. Cake, who does not love cake, right?! But before anyone thinks the cover picture is Michael Jackson dragging Lisa-Marie Presley along the (cake) floor, you are mistaken. Could be though, so why not hold on to that thought. As I mentioned earlier last week was cake week and just like Marjorie from Fat Fighters I can also say:


Sue’s Cake Creations
First and foremost a big thank you to Sue from Sue’s Cake Creations for being our wedding cake supplier! We are extremely excited to both see the wedding cake once its done and eat it of course! Have a look at the great work Sue has done on her Facebook page: Sue’s Cake Creations

I have to say we are fortunate with Sue, she lives in the same town, just 5 minutes away, is the mother of an old primary school mate of mine going back 20 years and after seeing her creations was an easy choice. But still, after seeing her again it felt like time had stood still and nothing had changed (for the good of course). Sue and her husband welcomed us in their beautiful home and before we knew it my fiancee and I were sat down with a little fork in our hands.

Tasting Session
Let me tell you Sue had made some really tasty samples and boy oh boy did we find two winners. Funnily enough my fiancee and I almost telepathically decided simultaneously on the same flavours. So no arguing was required ;). Funnily enough we are like that with a lot of things. IKEA for example. My fiancee and I can walk into IKEA and agree upon choices 9 out of 10 times there and then. Saves a lot of discussion and time. We had the same with picking our wedding location, food and rings. We also tend to play the same games and watch the same movies. Except for the horror movies, brrr, no thanks Jason!


Now here comes the tricky part. I could of course show you how our cake will look and even which flavours we have chosen but that would ruin the surprise of course. So to tease you a little I will be showing 4 cake designs, and between two of them is a very close resemblance to our chosen design.

Take a look and after October 13th I will reveal the design or for those attending the wedding (you better not miss it!!). I know where you live. No just kidding 😉




















In the end we went home extremely satisfied and in luck, as we got take home the left overs from the cake tasting. Thank you again Sue, we look forward to the big day!

Planning Continued
Recently I wrote about my ongoing search for a good wedding photo shoot location. Well I am slowly getting closer to a potential winner. After my initial list of 7 possible locations I am now down to four. Coming Thursday our master of ceremony (my sister), my fiancee and I will be visiting some of these locations. Pictures can tell a lot but seeing something in real life can give a very different impression.

And after having picked a photographer we are also about to meet up with him and discuss the how’s and what’s of the wedding and the wedding photo shoot.

Let me tell you folks, it has been an emotional rollercoaster of a journey. Not because the planning itself takes so much time and can be stressful, no thanks to some of the people around us who thought certain issues were more important than the most important day of our lives. I am holding my breath and hoping that on the wedding day itself everyone will behave and grant my wife-to-be and myself the day we so long for and deserve.

I want to send a special thanks out to my sister (master of ceremony) who has been my rock and I am glad to have you along for the ride, sis! Also many thanks to my fiancee who has had to deal with a lot of crap as well and has shown me that together we are strong!

Have a great week everyone and remember treat others how you wish to be treated.

Mr Wedding Planner: 136 days to go

Good day to you all folks! I wish I could say I am smiling like the guy above in the cover image but alas, not completely. This past week the world was shocked by the horror in Manchester where there was another senseless and cowardly act of terrorism, with this time predominantly children and teenage being the victims. I spent a year in Manchester while studying for my masters and actually visited the Manchester Arena twice in that period. Not to say that any other terrorist attack has any less meaning to me, but I could feel this one deeply. Why? Keep reading.

Why am I bringing you this sadness in a supposedly happy post? Well I am defying the terrorists and will probably end up holding my bachelor party in Manchester. This was a plan of mine for a while but the attack has not changed anything for me. I will not adjust or limit my life because of some wankstain of a nitwit who thinks he is going to get shagged by 72 virgins. By the way how on earth does one think of 72 virgins to begin with? Was two not enough? Greedy idiots. He is going to be so surprised when he meets 72 goats instead of virgins.

The Dress (not for me)
So I got one of my best men planning out some probably embarrassing and intoxicating trip for the bachelor party whilst I personally deal with a truly annoying part of me, being patient!
Oh yes, patience is a virtue they say. Well screw the virtue because I am bloody impatient and cannot stand the fact that my wife-to-be has found her dream dress and I will not get to see it until the wedding day!

Ha! That is the way it’s supposed to be, you will be shouting at me! And yes, you are correct, but it is eating me up inside and I simply cannot stand it. I am very glad though and filled with excitement, albeit with a hint of embarrassment. Embarrassment, because I have this feeling, that when I see my fiancee walking down the aisle for the first time in her dress, I will probably start crying like a baby.

My beautiful bride has hinted at that she does not want the typical white wedding dress, which is fine by me. She has a gothic past and is a big metalhead, so I am wondering which amounts of black, grey and purple and gothic designs will have found their way into her dress design…

I however cannot wait to see it and know that whatever she has picked will make her look perfect on the day. (You look perfect every day hun, but that day will be just that little extra perfect ;))
So in my anticipation and excitement I am going to share with you all my idea’s of what her dress could actually look like.

No.1 Hello Princess


No.2 Lady Marmalade


No.3 Black Swan


No.4 Moi Lolita


Either way, as mentioned earlier, I trust that my wife-to-be is going to look stunning and I cannot wait to see her in the dress of her dreams!

The Truth So Far
We shall now venture into a dark and sad place unfortunately.


[Crap, I meant darkness, but what is he doing in the picture?!]

The past few months have been challenging. And I do not mean the fact that wedding planning is stressful, which it is very much of course. But behind all the joking around and excitement is a lot of disappointment and frustration. I cannot say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the wedding planning and anticipation of my wedding day so far.
A wedding day should be one of, if not, THE most important and happiest days of your life. Some people do it twice or three times but I am going to go for the once in a lifetime.

But why is it that family members have to start behaving like mental headless chickens and interfere with everything??? Many people around me tell me that it is very common with almost every wedding to have family quarrels, disagreements on seating and guest lists etc.. Fair enough, I am not the only dealing with this crap.

However am I so wrong to think that no matter what your family or friends think, the wedding day is about you and your partner and nothing else should matter? Our wedding will not be with 150 people, actually barely a third, but that is the whole point, my partner and I want the people most important to us there. And no matter the reasons, those are the people WE choose, not you.

And it saddens me that certain people cannot accept that my wedding day is MY day and I will do it exactly as I want and I will invite the people that I want there.

It seems that our wedding day was picked by some on both sides of the family to try and solve or worsen deeply rooted issues/quarrels and use THE day as some sort of deadline! What the f*ck guys!

I apologise for that slightly depressing side note, but I have been truthfully writing to you for months on all aspects and as I endure them and this is sadly part of it.

Looking Ahead
Maybe I should have gone to Vegas after all, right?
So we continue to battle along and look ahead. We shall continue to make the most of this epic journey, no matter what, right folks?

Moving on. After having nailed down a photographer for the day and someone to create/supply our cake I am excited to say that this weekend we are going wedding cake tasting! Oh cake, what would I do without you?


What’s also amazed me is how useful contacts and acquaintances can be. The photographer was suggested to us by my mother’s best friend and the person supplying the cake is actually the mother of an old classmate of mine going all the way back to primary school. Such a small world we live in.

Next week I will be covering the ‘Tale of Cake Tasting’. I hope you will join me again then! Have a great week and remember to stand up for what you believe, no matter what or who! Amen.


Mr Wedding Planner: 158 days to go

Just 158 days to go! This week I discuss the wedding photoshoot and trying to find a photographer!

Husband to wife: ‘I hear you’ve been telling everyone that I’m an idiot.’
Wife: ‘Sorry, I didn’t know it was a secret.’

Say cheeseeee! Smarties! Pannenkoek!? Either way, what would a wedding be without a proper photo session right? The past few weeks I have been trying to get the photographic aspect of the wedding sorted. Let’s just say progress has been steady..

Pictures at weddings or any life changing event are vital, but taking pictures at a wedding will of course not be a simple focus and shoot job on an iphone. And as I have never dealt with this I started asking and looking around. One of the things that baffled me was the tariffs most photographers have. Paying a photographer 1200 euro’s for 6 hours work just makes me squeal! Maybe even more annoying is the fact that out of the 800 pictures taken you only receive 250 or so, which mostly are edited photo’s. But still, what is the photographer doing with those remaining 550 pictures, I as a customer do not receive? Delete them probably, or maybe some other sinister perverted activity in his/her dark room? Either way I have tried using some of my connections with family and friends and might be on to a good candidate. Just waiting for her offer and hoping the price is right 🙂

With a very tight timeline and organisation I first had to tackle the dilemma of fitting in our wedding shoot during the wedding or before the ceremony and the guests arrive. Our wedding is scheduled to start at 3pm.
So my initial idea was to have the photoshoot with ‘bride and groom’ around noon at a different location that could cater us both with good and bad weather, both inside and outside. Easier said than done of course. That would give us about 2 hours to get the shoot done.
However my fiancee is quite opposed to this because she would prefer to not have me see her before the actual ceremony. Bless her. I told her I would still start crying when she comes walking down the aisle even if we did the shoot before the ceremony. Crying ahum..

On that subject let me just clarify something about men in general. We are NOT all suffering from the same afflictions like: not showing emotions, being horny 24/7, talking about our emotions and acting macho around our women. I happen to be one of them that does express his feelings and emotions, the horny topic ‘uhm’ well let’s not go there. There might be kids reading this. So the other day I was at my physiotherapist for some back problems and we were talking about looks, body weight and other insecurities and I guess I was opening up a bit. Upon which he then said: Jeez Marcel, you are a big guy, but you are a bit of a softie inside aren’t you?


Enough sidetracking. I have now spoken to 2-3 photographers who have all suggested to do the photoshoot before the ceremony (ofcourse they get more money per hour) but it would give us more time, less stress and we would not have leave our wedding in between. I mean we cannot let guests stare at a wedding cake for 2 hours right?  I mean it is going to be an emotional day, but even the wedding cake will be in tiers. (get it? tiers as in layers, instead of tears) (bad joke pause)


So folks help me out here. I have conjured up some ideas with regards to the photoshoot and thought I would share them with you. Let me know what your pick(s) would be! Just like the locations which I am also still looking for, but for those I might have three good candidates. More on that next time once I know more about locations and photographer.

No.1 Chuck Norris is my name!!


No.2 Just stand a wee bit over here!


No.3 Don’t talk with your mouth full love!


No.4 What’s for supper?


No.5 Beauty and the Beast


So there you have it! I believe I would like to include numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5. My fiancee would probably want to divorce me on the same day if I suggest number 3! (time for Benny Hill expressions again)


Just like the locations which I am also still looking for, but for those I might have three good candidates. More on that next time once I know more about locations and photographer. Thanks for tuning in again and see you next time as I continue to count down the days in discombobulation towards this utterly soul destroying task of wedding planning. No dear, I love you and I cannot wait to get married. Deep down I am smiling and full of joy…. 🙂













Mr Wedding Planner: 182 days to go

Hello folks, time is flying by and while counting down I want to cover the joys of invites, Ray Romano, O.J. Simpson and Las Vegas. Dear oh dear what an excruciatingly frustrating exercise it has been. Let me explain.

Hello folks, time is flying by and while counting down I want to cover the joys of invites, Ray Romano, O.J. Simpson and Las Vegas. Dear oh dear what an excruciatingly frustrating exercise it has been. Let me explain.


Let’s start with Las Vegas. Why? Because my fiancee and I, on occasion thought, to hell with it all, let’s jet to Vegas and get married by Elvis! And considering Elvis is one of my idols, that was a tough choice to make. (I know he is dead…. mmmh or is he?).

Sorry back on topic. Vegas. The Valhalla of gamblers, strippers, shoppers, mafia, Elvis-wedding-chapels and CSI. Or ‘THE’ one and only CSI as I see it, not the terrible CSI Miami, hi my name is Horatio and I take my sunglasses on and off in every scene!

I have had the joy of visiting Las Vegas once and let me tell you I would go back any day! The things my parents still don’t know about, while we were there in my early twenties! Ha, but as you probably gathered, we did not end up going to Vegas (yet). Who knows maybe our honeymoon will take us there. Yeah Legoland, Butlins and Centerparcs were already fully booked (ahum). Actually my best man is getting married next year and he is from the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia, so we plan on combining his wedding with our honeymoon. Might as well, since we are already going to be there, right?


So let’s meet my friend Ray Romano (picture above), who I hope you will remember from a very popular tv show called ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’. Do you recall Ray’s mother from the show, Marie? Silly old bat on the left in the picture. The devil on earth. A woman you actually wanted to punch at times. But of course we do not punch women, ever, right O.J. Simpson?


Why do I make this link to Marie? Because my grandmother is pretty similar. What is it with a lot of grandmothers that the older they get, the more devious, angry and disrespectful they get? Long story short, my grandmother caused some major friction within the family directly affecting my fiancee and I. This shit-storm put a rather dark cloud above the wedding preparations and our moods. More importantly I am glad the quarrel inside my family, or at least with my parents has now finally been put to rest. (grandma will never change)

I mention this, because choosing who gets to be invited to the wedding or not, is often a political and downright painfully complex affair. My fiancee and I decided we did not want to invite the whole world and keep the wedding in a small circle of closest friends and family. However…

This meant having to tell my dear acquaintances Gerard Butler, Eminem and Katy Perry they could not come to my wedding. Gerard Butler took it quite well actually; “I donnae know aboot yuu, but al be missin yer Whiskey laddie,” he mumbled. Yes, open bar sounds appealing doesn’t it. Eminem wanted to have an open mic night with one vs one rap battles, but I had to kindly disappoint him that this was not going to be 8 Mile Part 2. Katy Perry was disappointed she wouldn’t be kissing any girls and liking it, and I made clear that it doesn’t matter whether she is Hot or Cold, she’s still not invited and should get back down from her Dark Horse!

My fiancee wanted to invite the cast from the Jungle Book, but I told her that Bagheera and Shere-Khan would only frighten the children, so no. Just think of all ‘the bare necessities’ first hun. Bless her and her animal loving heart.
Here is your favourite dear: Doge.


But when aunt A does not get along with uncle B, and cousin A and nephew B are not on speaking terms, then the selection process is already being forced into a certain corner.
So in the end we managed to get to a neatly selected, relatively small group of almost 50 guests. People who we really wanted to have with us on that special day, without any possible arguments, tension etc.. And evenly split between my side of the family/friends and hers.

So we moved on to getting the actual invites created. We used this cool website called to create our own tailored wedding invites. From the type of paper to text, envelope colours etc… Brilliant. My fiancee then came up with the really shagadelic idea of burning a seal into the invite’s envelope. So we got the letter W from my last name and imprinted it on every outgoing invite. See below. Yeah baby!


Arranged seating is another headache, so we took an advil and not bothered with it. We want people to move around, sit with others, get drunk with with a stranger at the bar or something. To aid this I thought it would be interesting to have an underlying theme/activity for the day that would encourage people to mingle. Going paintballing with all the guests the day before the wedding was not going to be very feasible and the women were very opposed to having a meal and fun time at a stripclub. Hmm. More on that some other time.

Next time I am delving into the predicament of finding a photographer. Bloody hell they are expensive! Until then. Over and out.

Mr Wedding Planner: 200 days to go

200 days and counting, this time I cover rings, Gollum, locations and Benny Hill.

Oh dear it has been 32 days of silence! No I have not come out of the closet, did not jump off a bridge after watching TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress marathon on tv, nor did I start dating Katy Perry in secret (call me if you read this Katy)…. No just kidding, we are actually well on track for a fantastic wedding and now just 200 days to go and thus it is time for another session of Mr Wedding Planner!

Its been a busy past few weeks, amidst getting accustomed to my new job, getting a kitten and trying to plan this wedding. More importantly I can tick a few boxes on my to-do list for the big day ahead.

As Gollum will tell you, finding that ‘one’ ring is a bloody hell of a journey.


Good job Sauron had foreseen this situation and made an additional two rings (to rule them all) for my fiancee and I. As I mentioned in my previous post we had gone to the jeweller as we had found some rings we really liked. Even funnier that we eventually picked a totally different design than at first planned. Got to love a bit of impulsive shopping! We got a great deal for them and within two weeks they were ready for pick up. We added a little engraving to both rings, which I will not disclose until after the wedding 😉

Funnily enough ever since buying them and taking them home, my fiancee is having a bit of trouble staying away from them. Yes while they are stored away in her bed side cabinet, she keeps wanting to try her ring and look at it all the time. Even in her sleep she seems to be drawn to it, sometimes mumbling passionately: “precious, MY PRECIOUS!!” And let me tell you its scary as hell to see your fiancee next to you in bed doing a Bilbo Baggins on you when you ask her about the ring:


If you seriously do not understand the above, nor do you not know what an iPhone is or that Trump is actually the president of the United States of America then I suggest you crawl out of your cave and go watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It’s only 9 hours of ball-tingling amazement.
Anyway moving on, I will admit that the thought of having a ring around my finger for the rest of my life, showcasing my love to one person is exhillirating and I have also shared my fiancee’s temptations in sometimes trying on the ring….

So we have the rings covered, my Bilbo nightmares are also slowly dissipating, which brings me to probably the most important factor of the wedding day; the location.

52ef8bf45be60_6 S CASTLE

There we were, eagerly awaiting the quotation for our wedding day location and all the stuff that comes with it: food, alcohol and more food, buckets of food!
The above is a picture of a castle, you are correct, not our wedding location.
So our lovely event manager, as mentioned in my previous article, had put together the quotation and with a few minor adjustments things worked out relatively quickly.

As I was double checking the document for any administrative errors, I managed to find some peculiarities. The event manager had managed to spell my last name wrong on three accounts just on the first page, all three of them written differently wrong every single time. Come on!


Thank you Benny Hill for aiding me in expressing my feelings there.
What made it even more weird was the fact that when I rang the event manager up she acted heavily annoyed, not even trying to hide it. Bloody professional right! Oh well, maybe she was just on her period, I forgive her, it’s my wedding day after all!

As the local council is a pain in the backside we required a declaration of location from the event location to even register the wedding and our future marriage. Additionally we needed proof of identification of ourselves, our witnesses, cats and the neighbour’s hamster. But as we are in the year 2017 the application process can actually be done online! Wonderful, until the website timed out and I had to restart the whole process again. Time for another Benny Hill expression!


Either way, we eventually managed to press confirm and received the confirmation email that our marriage submission was under review. 24 Hours later we received the confirmation that on October 13th, 2017 we are legally permitted to get married at the location of our choosing! Oh and that little bit of admin work by the council was not for free of course, 581 euro’s to be precise! Let’s try and stick to marrying just once…;)

Location check, food check, alcohol (burp) check, rings check (my precious)….Next up the invites and invitee list. Check back next week for the continuation of Mr Wedding Planner!