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Mr Wedding Planner
Yes this might seem as an odd one to you, but let me briefly explain.
Last year I got married to the love of my life Ragna. In the year leading up to our special day I took it upon myself to write from a man’s perspective in terms of wedding planning. Well, it was quite the rollercoaster…
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Married Without Children
Married with children in a way (no Al Bundy here though), just without the children in our case. Married life with Ragna is a lot of fun and gives me plenty to write about in this section.
CLICK HERE to go read about madness that would make Al and Peggy look boring.

Why? How? What?
This section enters you into my rather disturbing mind of questions surrounding phenomenons like why does Apple keep pulling off almost everyone emptying their wallets for them? And how can there still be people who think the earth is flat?
CLICK HERE and start finding answer’s to life’s questions.