Top 10 Must Have Games Of 2018

Whether you prefer the PC, tablet, smartphone, Playstation or Xbox, this must have game list of 2018 has something for everyone. Check it out.

Hello, best wishes everyone and hello 2019!
I know you probably are busy working on your new year’s resolutions #fail. But when you are not sweating your xmas calories off in the gym or having one pint less, you might be spending some time on your tablet or on your playstation. This is for you.

And whether you are an avid PC gamer like moi, prefer to rock the old Playstation / Xbox or like to keep busy twiddling your fingers on your smartphone or tablet, either way I have a must play game list for you!

With platforms like Steam (PC), Playstation and Microsoft Store offering massive discounts on many big title games, now is your chance to grab one or all of them for a right bargain out of many 2018 games.

So I have come up with a list of games for multiple consoles ranging from mobile to console and PC that I believe are the absolute 2018 must haves. These are not the ten commandments, just my simple opinions and suggestions, in random order.

[I have added download links to the iOS/Android games below so you can download the apps straight from your phone]

Red Dead Redemption 2 (Console)

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Without a doubt my favourite game of 2018, if not of all time. Red Dead Redemption 2 follows the epic adventures of Arthur Morgan and the van der Linde gang, putting you in control of the Wild West’s most notorious gunslinger Arthur Morgan. With some of the best visuals, voice acting, soundtrack and story I have encountered in a game in years, RDR2 will keep you busy for 60-100 hours easily. Okay from a story perspective it may not be beating Mass Effect 1,2,3 but its gets close.

Every choice you make counts and has an effect on the world, you decide whether you wish to go down the criminal path Darth Vader style or help others Captain America mode. There is so much to do aside from the main quests and the game pushes you to be responsible in terms of sleeping, eating, drinking and even having baths. It is one of the most realistic gaming experiences ever developed and I loved every minute of it.

With a surprising guest vocal performance by R&B superstar D’Angelo performing the compelling song ‘Unshaken’, RDR2 is full of melodic wonders.

PS. buying outfits/clothes at the tailors and looking the part is a hell load of fun.
PS II. Re-play Red Dead Redemption as John Marston from 2010 to fully comprehend the story and characters, it’s well worth it!

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey (PC & Console)

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If you are into adventure platform games and love to fight in the famous historic periods of the world then you must definitely pick up Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. And if you have not done so before also play some of its predecessors, especially Origins (in Egypt) is a fantastic adventure and history lesson. The latest iteration of Assassin’s Creed drops into you into Zeus’s lap before he chucks you into the depths of Erebus to have tea with Hades. Yes, ancient Greece amidst the Peloponnesian War.

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As you can see in the image above you get to choose with which hero you play. On the left the feisty, sexy, minge-munching, Kassandra (yes, not just on the isle of Lesbos). And on the right, Alexios, the Greek Thor that will make the average woman drool instead of playing the game (he also does not mind a bit of hanky panky in the game). Above all ACO delivers an immensely large world to play in with astonishing visuals, great acting and many choices to make. Oh and a lot of killing. But that is the fun part. Right? It’s a game, so I believe that does not make me a complete psycho yet…I think. You will hear a lot of ‘Malaka’ which is a curse word still used today haha.
May I make two big suggestions to any new gamers who are about to start this game?

Firstly try to acquire the Spartan kick skill as early as possible. Oh aye, you remember Gerard Butler as King Leonidas in the movie 300? (watch link below) This is Spartaaaaa!!

Secondly play with Kassandra of Sparta instead of Alexios, she has better voice acting and is a lot more fun to play with. Okay, she is hot and sexy as well.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PC & Console)

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If you are in the mood for a completely unique first person gaming experience full of history, nature, knights and tales then Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a must for you.
Why unique? KC:D puts you in the farmer’s boots of Henry of Skalitz who rises to the rank of knight through an awesome tale of loyalty, war, and pride.

Developed thanks to an overly successful Kickstarter project by a tiny Czech team from Warhorse Studios, Kingdom Come: Deliverance makes life as Henry incredibly realistic.
You have to sleep, eat, rest, clean your clothes/armour, learn to read, learn to ride a horse, shoot a bow, fight with swords, axes, maces and daggers, make potions and much more. This makes you a crappy farmer’s boy when it comes to fighting at the beginning but gradually (with a lot of practice and killing) turns you into the true Lancelot you are meant to be. So you don’t have to pee or take a crap, but you better take your muddy boots off before going to bed boy!

Warhorse Studios created a beautiful medieval world set in the Kingdom of Bohemia during the 15th century. Fantastic voice acting, stunning visuals in a lively green world, a tale that will keep you hooked until the very end. The game initially had to deal with a tremendous amount of bugs and issues when it launched in February 2018 but runs smoothly since June, so no worries.

Please do play this on the PC if you can, the graphics are just amazing and better on a PC compared to a console and the controls I personally believe are better too with mouse and keyboard. To make things even better, for you PC players there is a 50% discount on the game and its DLC’s right now only on Steam. (also check the PS Store and Xbox Store for offers)

Check the link: 50% Discount on Steam

Football Manager 2019 (PC)

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Bring out the inner Mourinho, or if you wish to keep your job bring out a bit of Jurgen Klopp or Pep Guardiola. Football Manager 2019 gives you an insane amount of control to run your club and team to glory. Or 6th place for Mourinho. With a little steep learning curve and many statistics making the average Excel nerd jizz his pants, FM19 offers even more tactical freedom and influence than any of its predecessors. I have been playing the Football Manager series since its early days in the 90’s when it used to be called Championship Manager.

Backed by a huge fanbase who have created a great amount of free add-ons like player pictures, kits, club badges, trophies and tactics which can be found at

PokemonGO (mobile)

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Oh my God stop being so childish! You seriously are not still messing about with those Pokemon? Yeah, I hear that a lot, unfortunately. Funny thing is that most PokemonGO players are adults and that anyone making fun of the game seriously does not know what they are missing. This game has kept me hooked since its launch back in 2016!

The developers Niantic have been very busy since its launch in July 2016 and added many features. I have written two pieces on the game in the past few months including a start up guide for new and even slightly more advanced players.

I can only say give it a try and read the following two articles of mine to get going:

→→PokemonGO is still fun, social, addictive and worth a play

→→Top 15 tips to playing PokemonGO

Now go catch ’em all!

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Alto’s Odyssey (mobile)

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Maybe you were already familiar with Alto’s Adventure, the 2015 endless runner snowboarding game by Snowman. With a variety of unlockable characters including a lama (oh yes), your character automatically moves to the right of the screen while the scenery and obstacles change. You only need one finger to play this game and execute the jumps and tricks. It also has a fantastic music theme that sounds best with headphones on, trust me.

Now moving to 2018, the successor to Alto’s Adventure is here: Alto’s Odyssey. And in short the same gaming principle, a new beautiful soundtrack and completely new scenery, obstacles, tricks and characters to play with.

It’s a great time killer when you are having a shit, are on the train or try to get through those boring meetings at work.

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Marvel Strike Force (mobile)

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I am sure the opinions will be divided on this one due to its pay to win setup, however let me just say that you can also get the most out of this game ‘without paying‘. Developed by FoxNext for Android and iOS in March 2018, Marvel Strike Force is a turn based role playing game. More importantly you get to play with all your Marvel heroes…and villains…Loki, have you decided whether you are good or evil?

The micro-transactions in the game are stupidly expensive, however the game offers constant events, new characters, bonuses and if you play this on a daily basis you will notice that with a bit of patience and dedication you can get the most out of this game.

The fighting, moves and costumes are awesome, especially Wolverine’s war cry when he finishes someone off. Avengers ASSEMBLE!

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Detroit Become Human (Playstation only)

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Every once in a while there is a game that tries to change things up and provide a slightly different gaming experience. Detroit Become Human successfully manages to give us this concept wrapped in a futuristic jacket. It’s visually stunning, comes with a fantastic story where all your choices have an impact, there is no turning back.
Controls are intuitive, great voice acting and if anything created to be replayed again and again in different ways, making different choices every single time.

Currently only available on the Playstation 4.

God Of War (4) (console)

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Together with Geralt of Rivia from the Witcher series, Kratos is one of the most badass, over the top, angry motherf*ckers ever to be put into a game. This mythology based action series with a massive fanbase goes back to its original Playstation 2 days in 2005 with the original release of God of War. For a more lengthy description about Kratos his character follow this link.

God of War 4 turns from Greek to Norse mythology, with what I believe is the best iteration from the God Of War series. With an absolutely scintillating duo performance by voice actors Christopher Judge (Kratos) and Sunny Suljic (Atreus), God Of War brings a large world full of puzzles, intense boss fights, a lot of anger and waaaayyyy too much of Kratos saying: “BOY!”. The skill tree and gear upgrading system gives you a lot of freedom in choosing you fighting style, look and powers.

Together with Red Redemption 2 probably the best game of 2018!

Gardenscapes (mobile)

unnamed (1).png
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Last but not least a kids game. No just kidding. Apart from its childish demeanour and cute funny characters this is one hell of an addictive fun game. Gardenscapes I believe is a perfected version of Candy Crush.
Together with butler Austin and your pet dog you are put in charge of completely cleaning, restoring and upgrading your massive mansion garden. You do this by playing Candy Crush type games that provide plenty of challenge along the way. Don’t be seduced into buying micro-transactions, as the game provides ample freebies and rewards during general gameplay. Enjoy!

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Top 15 tips to playing PokemonGO

Come and join the world of PokemonGO, whether you are a beginner or advanced player, these top 15 tips will help you out getting the most out of PokemonGO!

As you often find with a new game or app, it would be useful to have decent guide to get you up and running. The one game can be more complex than the other, but today I wish to share the absolute minimum knowledge for playing PokemonGO. And to be honest I wish I knew these things when I started playing over two years ago. Oh well. Coming up are the 15 key tips I personally chose for you as a beginner or even slightly advanced PokemonGO player. I am no Pokemon Master with his own Youtube channel, so go do one Logan Paul. Should you require the very basics on the game then be sure to first read my earlier article: PokemonGO is still fun, social addictive and worth a play

No.1 Catch everything dammit!
Oh isn’t Bulbasaur cute?! No, Charmander is cuter, actually I like myself some rats, so come here Rattata! The point I am trying to make is that we all have our own opinion on which Pokemon we think is cool or cute, and to a certain degree I can understand that you wish to catch a lot of Rattata’s if rats are your thing. However plain and simple you should try and catch every bloody Pokemon you encounter. Yes, you will have to catch and catch thousands of the critters to get somewhere in this game. Not only for evolving certain Pokemon, gaining XP (experience points for our noobs), and ultimately levelling up quicker!

No. 2 Be patient with evolving
Please, please, please do not make this mistake. I bet you did though? Yes, dammit I did. So when you get started or are already on your way of collecting 400 Magikap candy to evolve into that majestic Gyarados, well please hold your horses there for a min before evolving. When catching Pokemon you want to check two things really, CP and IV.

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When looking at the above picture you can see the overall rating of the Pokemon as in ‘CP1274’ for Exeggutor, as well as this white rainbow shaped, curved line with a little dot at the end. As you can tell Exeggutor has some space left on his curved line compared to Electabuzz who is almost at his maximum. This means that if I wish to power up my Pokemon that Exeggutor in this case can grow much stronger and higher in CP than Electabuzz as he is practically at his max already. Should you catch a Pokemon that you wish to evolve, power up and use for gym battles and raids then make sure you always have some space left on the curved cp bar.

Next up IV. To define a Pokemon’s overall level of brilliance or lack of, you have to calculate the IV of set Pokemon. No need for Einstein mind boggling excel column bashing mathematics, just use an app. Or in this case PokeGenie for iOS (and Android) or Calcy for just Android. These apps will help you define the percentage IV of your Pokemon, which ultimately will make you decide to keep it or transfer it (chuck it away). 

When you are in the PokemonGO app and you caught or selected any Pokemon, check in the right bottom corner for the button ‘appraise’. 

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What follows is a some odd person (your team trainer, red/yellow/blue) popping up and asking to look at your Pokemon, why not creep? Now, I personally ignored this whole button for a very long time until I understood that it is vital to the game and understanding the overall strength (IV) to your Pokemon.

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When you click the appraisal button you will get a set of appraisals from your trainer and when you use an app like PokeGenie it will use these to calculate your Pokemon’s IV. Catching a 100% Pokemon is rare but it happens, that’s why you should ‘always’ catch everything. Once you get used to the phrases its very easy to figure out if the Pokemon you just caught is worth keeping or not. For a more detailed explanation on IV’s go to: Player.One’s website 

No.3 Be social
Become friends on PokemonGO as it will help you exchange so called ‘gifts’ which contain XP and items, I suggest doing this on a daily basis to increase your friendship level from good friends to best friends. This will give added bonuses when fighting raid bosses, fighting gyms and getting a lot of useful items.

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There are thousands of WhatsApp/Telegram groups out there for your town, or even neighbourhoods so get out there and if you bump into a group of Pokemon players ask them if they are part of a group. Why would you do this socially frightening thing you say? Because without friends in Pokemon it is impossible to most raids, get the opportunity to catch Legendary Pokemon and find friends to add and exchange gifts with. I personally encountered this situation last summer, as I bumped into such group by accident here in town and since then it has helped me get the most out of PokemonGO and especially raids. The Silph Road is ‘the’ go to place online to find such groups online as well as much more info on the game.

No. 4 Spin it!
With a bit of luck you might have a PokeStop or Gym in your street or very close by. I suggest you spin it at least once a day, because you can earn yourself a bunch of item bonuses and XP after a 7 day streak if you do so. This also counts for catching Pokemon every day, seven days in a row. 
P.S. those items that pop up on your screen when you spin do not need to be tapped one by one, they are automatically stored.

No. 5 Lay me some eggs
Along the way of your adventure as a PokemonGO player you will encounter a variety of eggs. They are specified as 2km, 5km, 10km or special 7km Alolan eggs. These eggs are an easy way of randomly obtaining Pokemon that do not spawn as often and will come along with some additional candy saving you a lot of work. When you are walking about always make sure you have an egg in an incubator, PokemonGO tracks every move and kilometer you walk. Sitting in a car, public transport or on a bike or in other words cheating, will not work. Yeah boo hoo. Stop being lazy.

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No. 6 Coins, coins, coins!
You can buy in game currency called Pokecoins, but they’re not the cheapest. So the best and only way to earn coins is by taking over gyms and defending them. However keep in mind you can only collect 50 PokeCoins per day, even if you defend 10 gyms. So your approach needs to be a bit strategic here. But why would I need these coins? Well if you wish to dress up looking like a yellow idiot then you can use these coins to buy just yellow outfits in the store. Or more importantly you can buy items like lucky eggs (double XP for 30 mins) or expanded storage for your item bag or Pokemon bag.

No. 7 Research
One way of obtaining rare Pokemon is by doing daily research tasks and by completing special research for Professor Tree, sorry Oak. This research can be collected by spinning Pokestops and I advise you to try and complete one a day to fill up your research progress as shown below. On day 7 you will receive an additional bonus and a special rare Pokemon to catch. It is well worth it. This rare Pokemon will change every month.

Then there is special research with Professor Oak. This is where you get the opportunity to find legendary rare Pokemon like Mew and Celebi for example. You also receive a lot of XP and items during this research so it is well worth being on top of these tasks.
PS. if you are going for your first Gyarados (yes 400 Magikarp candy) wait with the evolve until you have come across the special research quest in ‘A Mythical Discovery’, stage 6 of 8 called ‘Evolve a Magikarp’. Thank me later.

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No. 8 Berries hmmm!
There are a few types of berries that you will collect along the way and are very helpful. The Nanab berries will slow a wild Pokemon’s movement down considerably, making them easier to catch. Then the Pinab berries are very useful as they double the amount of candy you will catch once you caught the wild Pokemon (instead of 3, now 6 for example). Another one is the Razz berry which when used makes it overall easier to catch that wild Pokemon. The catching ring might even go from red to orange or yellow to green. Additionally we have a Golden Razz Berry which can be collected by winning raids. These drastically increase the chances of catching a Pokemon, even more so than a regular Razz Berry. The Silver Pinab Berry is hardest to obtain, often as a bonus, and will double the candy amount as well as make it easier to catch a wild Pokemon. Last but not least the coloured ball you see below in the middle is called a Rare Candy and can only be won during raids or as research bonus and will allow you to dedicate 1 candy to any Pokemon in your Pokedex.

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No. 9 Shinieeeee!
If you manage to get lucky you will come along a ‘shiny’ Pokemon. These are rare, but can be so exhilarating to find when you do. Play during community day events as during those three hours there will be many more shinies spawning than usual. These ‘shinies’ can be recognized by the stars around them and the three star symbol in the Pokemon inventory. They are even more recognizable as they will have a different colour than the standard version of that Pokemon.

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No. 10 Ditto where are you?
Yes, the infamous Ditto! Where the hell can I find one to complete my special research?!!! Well you are in luck because it’s actually a lot easier than you thought, although it will require some grinding in terms of catching Pokemon you would probably ignore normally. The below image shows as which Pokemon Ditto could be hiding, because Ditto is a shapeshifter and can take the form of any Pokemon. But specifically to catch Ditto you need to catch the below Pokemon. And if you are lucky, once you have caught one of the below Pokemon the display will say ‘Oh’ and simsalabim, there is Ditto.

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No. 11 Love those curves
No I was not admiring your girlfriend there pal, but expressing the need to throw curveballs at all times. You will earn much need XP and additionally Pokemon are more susceptible to being caught from a curve throw than a straight one. I briefly touched on these techniques in my previous basic tutorial article: PokemonGO is still fun, social, addictive and worth a play. For more tips on how to throw check out the in depth guide from Eurogamer.

No. 12 Settings and battery life
Your smartphone generally does not have the reputation for great battery life and even more so when using PokemonGO to be fair. However here are some simple tricks to help you out.
– Turn on the battery saver function in the settings of PokemonGO
– Turn off AR mode when catching a Pokemon (switch top right of screen), it will also make it easier to catch the Pokemon
– Turn on the low power mode on your iOS or Android phone
– Buy a portable powerbank (they come very cheap nowadays) that you can carry with you, especially handy during community events

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No. 13 Evolving Eevee
Let alone the fact that nobody still knows how to properly pronounce this Pokemon, Eevee is a special breed you could say. Eevee can evolve not into one or two types but five completely different Pokemon! Later one with the addition of Gen 4 Pokemon even 8 types. To avoid the random selection of the evolve you can change the name of Eevee as follows:

  • Rename Eevee as Sakura to evolve into psychic-type Espeon
  • Rename Eevee as Tamao to evolve into dark-type Umbreon
  • Rename Eevee as Rainer to evolve into water-type Vaporeon
  • Rename Eevee as Sparky to evolve into lightning-type Jolteon
  • Rename Eevee as Pyro to evolve into fire-type Flareon

Important note – the trick only works once per evolution type, so make sure you choose Eevees with the best CP values before you evolve them into the type you want. Gen 2’s Umbreon and Espeon also have a second evolution method. Walk your Eevee as a Buddy for 10km, then evolve it either during the night (Umbreon) or day (Espeon) and it’ll turn into the desired evolution.

Note you specifically need to walk 10k and earn two Candies in the process, have Eevee still as your Buddy when evolving for it to work, and be either day or night during the game itself for it to work. (with thanks to Eurogamer)

No. 14 Damn you inventory!
The makers of PokemonGO, Niantic, were not stupid and made it obvious that without coins you would have to pay for the expansion of your Pokemon storage but more importantly your item storage. Easy way to make money because plenty of players will actually pay for this with real money. However you will encounter situations where you quickly need to get rid of some storage and this is what I often do. Instead of hoarding all four types of potions as depicted below I keep just the hyper or max potions (depending on which level you are at). I always throw the potion, super potion and often super potions away. The same I do with Nanab berries. And don’t forget the easiest way is to chuck some of those standard Pokeballs away. By spinning any Pokestop you will easily collect some again. 

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No. 15 Buddies
You can now pick any Pokemon you have caught and in your Pokemon inventory to be your Samwise Gamgee, or buddy. This way you will be able to collect additional candy just walking with your buddy. Handy if you need just a few last candy to do that evolve you were rooting for!

Let’s Conclude
Last but not least I would like to point out that there are many many more tricks, especially if you are an advanced player that really wants to get everything out of this game. That will require some serious dedication and a lot of time and walking. However it is great fun to do and as of this summer with the big update, PokemonGO is more social to play than ever. 

Should you have more need for reading and are still awake after this bible of critters and also want to go full blown PokemonGO Master then check out these great guides from some cool websites:

PokemonGO is still fun, social, addictive and worth a play

No it’s not silly or childish, PokemonGO is more addictive, social and exciting than ever. Here is why you should give it a go!

Look (picture below) at those numb-nuts standing there trying to find a silly little animal with a ball. Oh wait, I am actually also one of those numb-nuts who runs after his phone trying to catch oddly named creatures like Pikachu and Bulbasaur. Yup, Pokemon I am talking about folks. And let me tell you there aren’t just a few, noooo…. just the first generation alone has 151 Pokemon, there are actually 720 in total according to the official Pokedex. Poke-what? Yeah let us not go there, yet. What is more important is that after some major updates by Niantic, PokemonGO is more popular than ever! And as of today brings the release of the 4th generation Pokemon! Here is why my wife and I (both sane working adults) are still hooked after almost 2 years since its launch.

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The game in brief
For all you Ash Ketchum’s just starting out and leaving your home and annoying mother behind or for anyone not at all familiar with the game PokemonGO, here is a brief and simple quick start. For a more in-depth explanation please go to the Internet and a place called Google. I will be writing my own take on how to play the game with everything I have learnt over the past 2 years, that article will follow later this week.

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The goal in PokemonGO firstly is of course to ‘catch ’em all’!! You get the image of a map, very similar to Google Maps, just without the traffic jams. And wherever you move every now and then an odd Pokemon, a few or even a bunch of them will appear on your map. Then it’s quite simple, you click on the Pokemon and try and catch it.
There are two ways to do this, one way is with AR+ mode, where you use the camera of your phone to catch the Pokemon right in front of you. This means you can see them as if they were there in real life. Fun gimmick for about two throws. The other way is by turning this function off, which I can tell you makes it a lot easier to catch the pokemon. So just turn it off. Unless you are a 10 year old who will think of it as magic.

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Catching Technique
To catch a Pokemon you don’t just chuck a Pokeball at the Pokemon as if it were a grenade. No, there is a technique you have to master, thankfully, otherwise this game would be far too easy. Every Pokemon has a coloured ring in front of it, this ring will decrease in size and go back to full size in a continuous cycle every-time you touch and hold the Pokeball. This ring will be green with more basic Pokemon that are easier to catch and will change colour to an orange or even red colour for the hardest and more rare Pokemon. The goal is to throw the ball in a curved direction in the middle of that coloured circle. If you do so you will get an ‘Excellent’ throw, if the circle is bigger it will be a ‘Great’ throw and if its at its biggest a ‘Nice’ throw. As you can imagine you want the Pokemon to stay in the ball, so once you threw it and hit the Pokemon, the ball will jutter three times, at the third time the Pokemon is caught. Chances are it comes out again after one or two jutters and you have to try again. But be careful there is a chance the Pokemon might flee. For more tips and tricks check out my upcoming article for both beginners and advanced players later this week.

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For a quick and simple tutorial check out the video below with thanks to XM360.

So why do I, a 31 year old married and working male, play a game that so many people consider childish, silly and a waste of time? Well in my youth I already collected the Pokemon collector’s cards, watched the series and felt rather nostalgic when in 2016 Niantic launched PokemonGO. Being able to combine that nostalgia with a game that keeps you on the move, is highly addictive and free to play really made it easy for my wife and I to give it a go. And apart from us I know there is a massive community of PokemonGO players globally that goes into the millions. According to Niantic reports from June earlier this year we are talking about almost 150 million people worldwide. Wow!

Walk Walk Walk
So you might think, I will just sit on my couch and let the Pokemon spawn around me. That way I can be lazy and still get them. Well lard-ass that is not possible with PokemonGO. It is designed to make you move and go to different places. There are places called Gyms and Pokestops spread all over the world, there could be one in your street. And these Gyms and Pokestops are important because there you can fight other player’s pokemon, conquer Gyms and defend them and more importantly spin them to earn items like candies, pokeballs, revives etc.. Also more on this in my advanced PokemonGO article later this week, so stay tuned!

But one thing is clear you have to move your ass out and about. Over the past 2 years I have walked 200 km. Of which I can safely say that most of that I walked these past 6 months. If you are in a rural area you will however find yourself with less spawning Pokemon and less Pokestops and Gyms available. The best places are often in the cities and very popular touristic destinations, parks etc..

So at first my wife and I just walked about and caught one Pokemon after another, now going into the many thousands. However while walking around you notice you are not the only person doing this, especially when visiting these Pokestops or Gyms you might bump into other PokemonGO players. This happened to me, when apparently one of the people there was the admin of a Whatsapp group for my region and in that group they planned raids and battled gyms together. PokemonGO brings people of all ages and backgrounds together, which is great fun. Oh and if you are wondering, I have yet to bump into a kid (under 18) in this group. There are a lot of people between 20-40 years old and I have seen even older folks playing it. Anybody who says its childish and silly, that is your opinion and I respect that, but no, it really isn’t! Get out there and who knows you might find some new friends.

Addictive (evolving)
The most fun part in my opinion is not just the collecting of all these critters but more importantly the ‘evolving’ of them. Just like Dragon Ball Z’s Goku went from Saiyan to Super Saiyan, albeit with less blonde hair and screaming these Pokemon do the same.

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Some Pokemon have one evolve others have two. To get these evolved versions you must collect a lot of candies. Basically every time you catch a certain type of Pokemon, for example Pikachu, you receive a certain amount of candies (mostly 3). You will have to accumulate these candies continually, until you have 25, 50 or for third evolves often 100 candies. So walk, walk, walk and catch, catch, catch.

courtesy of

This process is a very addictive and can make it a very exciting and exhilarating momentum when you catch that one Pokemon you need or those last candies you need to make the next evolve. Of course patience is also a virtue here.

Today marks the release of 20 new Pokemon from the 4th Generation of Pokemon, so download PokemonGO and start collecting those little bastards. Pikaaa-chuuuuuu!!

PS. Final note of warning. Please do be careful when walking around with your head buried in your phone’s screen. Constantly be aware of what is going on around you, there have actually been people who died (17) playing PokemonGO because they got run over.
Death Tracker 

*available on both Android and iOS

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Carrot Weather: the rudest, funniest and most accurate weather app

Learn about the best weather app, which loves to swear at you, threaten you and also provide the most accurate and beautiful weather forecasts. This is Carrot Weather everyone.

What would it be like if you could have your iOS or Android weather app call you a meatbag, make rude jokes about the weather and actually provide very accurate weather in a beautiful format? Well, that is Carrot Weather, available to both iOS and Android devices.

First up you might be wondering what is with the word ‘meatbag’, because Carrot Weather’s AI loves to call its user ‘meatbag’. The word can be described as a slang term used by AI’s or droids to refer to humans or organics. And yes as you can tell it sets the tone for this fun ridden weather app.

Although based in the USA, Carrot Weather is surprisingly accurate in all predictions even rainfall. This cannot be said for most weather apps who from my many years of using them have failed miserably in accuracy here in Europe. Let me explain a bit further.

Meet Moira
Moira is one type of voice and AI you can set in the settings from your smartphone. Moira has an Irish background and accent, combined with that Stephen Hawking-esque voice tone makes it a very interesting sound to be greeted and humiliated by.
When opening the app on my phone (also not having your phone on silent), I am greeted by the home screen and Moira welcoming me with a message that is pertinent to the current weather. This however is not always done in the most behaved tone or way as you can tell by the below example messages.

courtesy of Marcel van der Wilden©

courtesy of Marcel van der Wilden©

Moira likes the F-word and some other profanity, however as I can imagine it is not to everyone’s liking to be made to feel like a piece of shit or meatbag, there is an alternative. There is something I could call a profanity setting.
When you go to settings you can actually set your AI, in this case Moira to different levels of rudeness and even include politics or not. I have to admit that the politics setting is heavily America focused and less interesting for the common European who could not give a flying f*ck about the US and their corrupt political system and celebrity molesters.

courtesy of Marcel van der Wilden©

Under the personality settings I can set Moira to either a very timid ‘Professional’ Bill Gates attitude, or ‘Friendly’ like the next door neighbour who is secretly banging your wife, or ‘Snarky’ with sarcastic (mostly) free of violence comments as opposed to the last two styles. And I must admit, my more favoured styles. First ‘Homicidal’ which really brings the OJ Simpson out of Moira and as the app explains might threaten you and your loved ones with bodily harm. Then my favourite and also my daily setting is ‘Overkill’, which is like Jim Jefferies, Billy Connolly and Samuel L. (Motherf.) Jackson all rolled into one. And let me tell you it is great fun.

You probably are wondering why I would like to be sworn at, abused and threatened by a mere AI, but let me tell you, it will crack you up every time you open the app. Also when I say crack you up, I do not mean in a sad/crying or drug related sense, but in a laughing way, just to be clear. And I might, just a little bit, have some self-esteem issues as well, but hey let’s not get distracted here, meatbag!

Carrot Weather is very decently priced for such a big and detailed app at €5,49 in Europe and $4,99 in the US. You can buy a monthly or yearly subscription additionally to that at a very acceptable rate of €3,99 per year or €0,49 per month.

Honestly I have not subscribed to the additional features you get for that amount of money which goes to greater customisation on your Apple Watch mainly and more in-depth notifications. However I have read nothing but good reviews about the subscription and if you like your weather detailed and customisable then do give it a try.

Secret Locations
There are a few funny gimmicks built into Carrot Weather, one of them being ‘Secret Locations’. This menu will offer you a bit of game in which it is your task to find famous landmarks or buildings around the globe by using a built in artificial map scanner of some sort. I have tried to find the Pyramids and the Pentagon but the novelty wore off rather quickly. This menu and function can be turned off in the settings, thankfully.

AR (Ass wiping rear end)
AR or Augmented Reality gives you another cool, yet gimmicky function. Here the app opens your camera and asks you to look for a flat surface and then it will project the weather in AR on that surface. It’s like Star Trek and Star Wars came together and infiltrated your phone, minus Chewbacca of course. Raaaaooorrrrr.

courtesy of

Weather Accuracy
Now over the years I have used well known weather apps like WeatherPRO, YahooWeather, WeatherLive, Weather+, AccuWeather and The Weather Channel. You must have been bored Marcel? Ha, tell me about it.
But none of these apps have come close to the accuracy of Carrot Weather here in Europe. I can also add that after many reviews from other places around the world the accuracy is met with the same optimism and feedback.

The last few months we had the odd storm here (nothing like a hurricane), and the prediction time of it hitting was as spot on as Neil Armstrong remembering to say his lines correctly when filming the fake Moon-landing in 1969……Oooooohhh crap, no he did not just become a moon landing conspiracist!! Houston we have a problem.

Also the Apple Watch app is tremendously up to date, without you having to open the app on your watch for the latest weather information. Combine that with great graphics, design and even snarky comments on your watch screen make this a very complete and user friendly weather app.

Conclusion (back on earth)
From being called a meatbag to many other profanities. As well as providing a colourful, playful yet incredibly accurate and affordable weather app, Carrot Weather encapsulates the true description and design of what a weather app should be like.
As briefly mentioned before (we have to make America great again) you can download Carrot Weather on both Apple’s iOS and Google Android.

For a direct download go to the Carrot Weather website HERE to download the app or visit your iOS App Store or Google Play Store to start downloading….meatbag!

P.S. No lunar landing-craft, Apollo 11 or Neil Armstrong was damaged/killed in the creation of this article.

P.S.2. My opinions are my own and if you favour a different weather app then you are a meatbag.

Face ID works better than you think

No more Touch ID, Face ID is the future and boy it works like a charm. Check out my experiences and explanation of the system.

We are now one year on since the introduction of the 2017 Apple iPhone X and its groundbreaking new security measure and iPhone unlocking system:Face ID. Earlier this month Apple released the successors to the X, with the Xs, Xs Max and Xr. And indeed all of those phones also ‘only’ have Face ID, Touch ID is no more. Let me take you on a journey that will open your eyes and possibly your iPhone, while we take a look at the technology (without the nerdy crap) behind Apple’s Face ID.
Is it really that safe? Does it work reliably? What is the catch? Is global warming a coax? Did we really land on the moon? Let me answer those questions for you. Well, maybe some.

courtesy of

The functions
Over the past year there has been a lot of doubt and controversy surrounding Apple’s Face ID. I have been playing around with it and now have gotten my hands on the 2nd generation of Face ID built into the new iPhone Xs. So what does it do.
With a simple glance, Face ID securely unlocks your iPhone X or later.
Furthermore you can use it to authorise purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store, iBooks Store, and payments with Apple Pay. Additionally developers can now use it in their third party apps making Face ID useful when logging into Paypal or a password manager for example.

There is a lot of sophisticated and advanced technology at work here which I do not care too much for as long as it works. So on the front of the phone you have something Apple calls the TrueDepth camera which according to Apple: “captures accurate face data by projecting and analysing over 30,000 invisible dots to create a depth map of your face and also captures an infrared image of your face. A portion of the A11 and A12 Bionic chip’s neural engine — protected within the Secure Enclave — transforms the depth map and infrared image into a mathematical representation and compares that representation to the enrolled facial data.”

Bla bla bla, I get it if you got lost after the 30.000 invisible dots part there. What is more important and interesting to remember is the following.

Face ID automatically adapts to changes in your looks, such as looking like Marilyn Manson (i.e. wearing makeup) or going all hipster on society (growing facial hair). Now should you decide to undertake a more significant change in your appearance, like shaving off your full beard (because going down on your girl leaves way too much moisture in your beard), then Face ID actually confirms your identity by using your passcode before it updates your face data. Apple claims that: “Face ID is designed to work with hats, scarves, glasses, contact lenses, and many sunglasses. Furthermore, it’s designed to work indoors, outdoors, and even in total darkness.”

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 00.52.39
courtesy of

Before we get to the practical experience let us put some doubts and concerns to rest with regards to security. Apple told the world that: “the probability that a random person in the population could look at your iPhone X or later and unlock it using Face ID is approximately1 in 1,000,000 (versus 1 in 50,000 for Touch ID).

As an additional layer of protection, Face ID allows just five unsuccessful match attempts before entering your passcode is necessary. So you are a twin? Or under the age of 13? Well for those situations Apple says: “the statistical probability is different for twins and siblings that look like you and among children under the age of 13, because their distinct facial features may not have fully developed.”

I have actually read about multiple cases where Face ID worked with twins, even identical twins. But almost a few that did not. Forbes writer Tony Bradley wrote the following on the twins testing topic: “Face ID is 99,997% secure. What we’ve learned from these tests is that it is, in fact, possible that some identical twins can fool Face ID and gain access to the iPhone X. What we know from the twins data, is that this is only an issue for 0.35 percent of the world—at most. The fact that the Mashable and Business Insider twin tests got different results suggests that only a certain subset of identical twins can bypass Face ID, which could significantly lower that number.”

It recognises if your eyes are open and looking towards your iPhone. So tough luck on your jealous and paranoid girlfriend trying to gain access to your iPhone while you are sleeping. Who are Mandy and Tina? She will never know….muhahahaha.

Adding an additional face
As of iOS12 (September 2018) you can now add a second Face ID profile. This can be your own face (this time with glasses on) or can even be your partner’s face so they can also unlock your phone with ease (and find out who Mandy and Tina are).
This was a major quirk and piece of criticism last year when Face ID was launched. Nicely done Apple, you listened for once!

Testing it out – What can go wrong?
Now I am sure many of you will (and rightly so) mention the situations of darkness, laying down, holding your phone upside down or wearing sunglasses. All valid points, which after receiving my new iPhone Xs last Friday I immediately put to the test. Something that really surprised me was that Face ID works like a charm in almost complete darkness. While in bed I was able to unlock my phone, without any additional delay, it worked just as fast as in daylight. Astonishing!

What then really made me jizz a little in my pants was the fact that I managed to successfully unlock the phone in one try while laying down on my side and holding the phone sidewards as well. Not just once, but every single time for a few nights now. Thanks to that amazing infrared camera!

Also sunglasses were not a problem at all, I even tried to fool Face ID by wearing my wife’s bigger, more stupendous diva glasses. But apparently even my Kim Kardashianess and sunglasses could not break Face ID.

In the case that you find yourself having difficulty unlocking Face ID with your face, maybe consider that Face ID does not like your face, you maybe look like Gollum or having your hair down like the girl from the movie The Ring is not helping.

But what about Touch ID?

courtesy of

I understand not all of you follow the tech news as I do (cough…nerd). So I can definitely feel your confusion towards Apple as to why Touch ID (the fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the older iPhone’s) was ever removed?!

The main reason is more display size.

The previous iPhone 8 has a display size of 4.7 inches and the 8 Plus has 5.5 inches. However the 8 plus is a bloody big phone which, unless you are Michael Jordan or E.T. is too big to handle for one handed use. Amazingly though with the 2017 iPhone X model, Apple managed to create a 5.8 inch screen at the size of an iPhone 8, albeit by removing Touch ID!! (if you want to read more about the size differences then check out my Apple Event update article HERE)

Now as far as I am concerned Touch ID has its flaws and definitely is not perfect. Especially wet, sticky, dirty, greasy fingers would block every attempt of unlocking with Touch ID. My wife for a very long time thought she has a faulty Touch ID button, but after she upgraded to the iPhone 7 from the iPhone 6 (also with Touch ID) she realised it was her almost naturally greasy fingers that were the culprit.

Touch ID nonetheless was and still is a great unlocking system which I still use with great pleasure on my iPad Pro. However the additional display size, dimension changes and design improvements on the iPhone X and the newer models have made me forget about Touch ID completely.

Apple, you really got me hooked on Face ID, thank you!

P.S. Beating Face ID
Some folks over at decided to take a serious crack at Face ID and at cracking it. They failed, it is however a very interesting read should you still be uncertain about Face ID. Check it out HERE.

15 Tips for your iPhone’s battery life

These tips will guide you in becoming more energy efficient on your iPhone, getting the most out of your battery life.

It has been an emotional week full of Apple news, both good and bad. I had some conversations with friends about their possible phone upgrades and one topic kept coming up: porn and its effect on battery life.
Yep, porn was the biggest battery killer by far apparently. Crazy world.
‘Cumming’ ahead of PokemonGO and making selfies.
Okay, stop yanking my chain Marcel!
It is actually general battery life I wish to discuss here. Or in other words, the crap battery life on most iPhones. Let me try and help you with this rather neat list of tips and tricks to get the most out of your jiz..uhhm..juice!

Before we get down into the nitty gritty details as to why Stormy Daniels would ever shag that orange buffoon AND why your battery life is not up to scratch, let me please reiterate that this list ‘could’ help, but is not a definitive guarantee for each iPhone. It is important to remember that in some cases you can actually have a faulty battery and just need to replace it, changing settings will definitely not fix ‘that’ problem.

1. iOS update adjustment period
Every year there are a lot of people who complain that after updating to Apple’s latest iteration of iOS, their iPhone’s battery performance drops drastically. No Apple is not rigging your iPhone’s software to perform less. Not in this case. Anymore.
The reason for the drain is the fact that your phones files and apps are arranged in indexes, keeping all of your phone’s information organised – and, quickly accessible.

When a major iOS update comes along, a lot of the code and systems that make up your phone get changed significantly. This means your iPhone has to re-organise and re-index all your apps and data on your iPhone, to make it more searchable. This results in a large amount of work the processor has to do, which inevitably creates additional drain on your battery. You also often notice that people tend to spend more time on their phones trying out the new features and inadvertently do not notice the extra screen time they are thus creating.

Luckily this process only lasts for around 24 to 48 hours, so your battery life should be back to normal two days after you complete the iOS 12 update.

2. Bluetooth off
Image-1A lot of people probably do not even realise that iOS turns bluetooth on by default when your first install iOS. If you do not use bluetooth accessories like an Apple Watch then turn your bluetooth completely off for some added battery juice.
Go to the app Settings > Bluetooth > Flick the green switch to the left

3. Lowering brightness
Image-1 (1)One of the biggest battery drainers on any smartphone is the brightness. When you are dealing with high quality displays like Samsung’s Quad HD+ Super Amoled or Apple’s Super Retina OLED’s then cranking your brightness up to max will severely impact your daily battery performance. My own iPhone 7 Plus mostly is set to 30 or 40% brightness.
Go to the app Settings > Display & Brightness >Brightness > Move the slider higher or lower. There is also a quicker method by accessing your Control Center by sliding up from the bottom of your screen or if you own an iPhone X or newer, sliding down from the top right of your screen.

4. Running apps in the background
Image-1 (2)Just like brightness, battery app refresh can also be a major downer on your juice levels.
Hidden in some of the lower levels of iOS settings and menu, you will find a list of all your apps, either with green switch (see picture above) or a white one. Green for one, white for off. With this list you should consider do I need all my apps to run in the background. Some apps like Whatsapp, Facebook and Email it makes sense, but I do not need booking app or airbnb app to be running all the time trying to fetch me updates. Turning off all those apps you do not necessarily need info from all day long will seriously help your battery performance.
Go to the app Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Flick apps on or off.

5. Location services
Image-1 (3)If you had not noticed yet, you definitely will now, iPhones have a lot of background processes to give you what you need and you probably did not even know they existed. I mean why would you be such a geek and dig through all those countless menus and settings? Right Marcel? (#nerd)
Well as I did it for you here is another hidden battery drainer called ‘Location Services’.
Most apps can track your activity from a location perspective or need your location to function properly (think Google Maps). You can tailor these settings in three ways, set an app to ‘while using’ (only use location services when you have opened the app), ‘never’ making any location service use impossible by turning it off or lastly ‘always’ when you always want the service to be available to that specific app. Something I do for my weather app Carrot for example.
You can find it by going to the app Settings > Privacy > Location Services.

6. Push notifications apps
Image-1 (4)If You do not want to see any fake news coming from your CNN or FOX-NEWS app then you just simply turn it off. Added bonus is that you also drain your phone’s battery less and receive less fake news. Every installed app gives you the ability to customise its notification settings through banners, badges and sounds which all drain battery in some little way. A lot of apps you really do not need to receive notifications from so save yourself some battery and turn them off for those apps.
Go to the app Settings > Notifications.

7. Turn on low power mode

Should you get down to 20% or even 10% battery level then do not despair, Apple built in a ‘Low Power Mode’ which by activating will make those last percentages of battery last that little bit longer. Making sure you can catch that late night Uber home after a terrible one night stand with someone who’s name you no longer remember. It manages to do this by turning off background app refresh, push notifications, Siri functions, automatic downloads and certain visual effects until you fully charge your phone.
There are two ways to do this. The long way is by going to the app Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode. The shorter route is by opening your Control Center again and tapping the above pictured symbol (2nd pic on right).

8. Charge your phone to 30% – 80%
I will not bore you about the behaviour of batteries, but after a lot of research and experience I can guarantee you that it does ‘not’ harm your phone by leaving it on charge all night. However studies have shown that the optimal charge levels of a smartphone lay between 30% and 80% charged. So if you find yourself waking up to barely 20% juice, quickly pop it in the charger and probably 15 minutes later you are already at 40-50% and good to get through your average day.

9. Turn Wi-Fi off
Image-1 (5)Probably one of the most common mistakes made still by myself included is leaving Wi-Fi on all day. Yes, also Wi-Fi drains battery. What doesn’t you could say! Ha! If you leave the house and know you will not be in a public place using Wi-Fi just turn it off. There are two simple ways of doing this shizzle.
Go to the app Settings > Wi-Fi > Flick the switch.
Or open your Control Center as explained in Nr. 3 and simply tap the Wi-Fi symbol at the top. Now Apple for some reason decided that doing the latter does not completely turn Wi-Fi off, but only disconnects until the next day. It still does the trick as your Wi-Fi will not keep searching for networks in the background. But I bet you did not know that. #patmyselfontheback

10. Turn off (Hey) Siri
Image-1 (6)Apple’s AI Siri loves to help us in our daily lives by giving us the weather forecasts, helping us with reminders and being undecided on whether I am handsome or not. B*tch! My mommie always told me I was such a handsome boy! #mommiesboy
If of course you do not use Siri and her abundance in solutions the just shut her up by turning her off.
Go to the app Settings > Siri & Search > Switch off all the above settings (see pic).

11. Turn off sounds
Image-1 (7)My wife almost always has her phone on vibrate, which I personally do not like as I love hearing my personalised ringtone go off when I get a call. But there are more sounds that can have an influence on battery life. Keyboard clicks (when you type) and Lock Sound (when you lock your phone) are pretty unnecessary sounds (personal opinion) so why not turn them. Unless you love hearing yourself type of course.
Go to the app Settings > Sounds & Haptics.

12. Turn off iCloud
Image-1 (8)iCloud brings many advantages nowadays, from backing up your device to all your photos, music, email and contacts. It is a tremendous cloud based solution which unfortunately also gives a user far too many settings to play with again.
You might want to check whether you really need to have all those apps using iCloud turned on or not.
Do this by going to the app Settings > Tap On Your Profile Picture (top of menu) > iCloud.

13. Do not close all your apps all the time
Image-1 (9)Some of my friends and family are going to have a go at me for this one as I have (for many years) always informed them that closing your apps actually saves background processes and battery. Well….how wrong was I all that time!!
I can now confirm that constantly closing your apps actually drains more battery as every time you re-open those apps, the app has to start all its processes from scratch which takes more energy. Most apps are so smart nowadays that they do not actually do anything in the background when they are opened, thus making the constant closing of apps redundant. However if there are certain apps you have used but generally barely use, then close them out.

14. Change email from push to fetch
Image-1 (10)Do we really need to get every bloody email as soon as it comes up? Maybe you’ve got another email account that is less important. You can actually change these settings from ‘Push’ to either ‘Fetch’ or ‘Manual’. With Fetch, you can set an interval, such as every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and so on, for your iPhone to check for new email. The longer you make the interval, the less battery you will be using. With ‘Manual’, it will only check for new email when you open the mail app.
Change your settings in the app Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Fetch New Data.

15. Edit search
Image-1 (11)The ‘Search’ function indexes and searches through every item on your iPhone. You can save a wee bit of battery, by filtering your searches, if you tell it to stop looking for irrelevant items.
Go to the app Settings > Siri & Search > Scroll down to your apps and turn off whatever you do not use.

I hope these tricks help you along a bit in making your smartphone as energy efficient as possible. Leave a comment if you have any additional tips that I might have missed.

P.S. No buffoons, baboons or Stormy Daniels were killed/hurt during the creation of this article.

*all pictures are courtesy of Marcel van der Wilden

Two things I missed at Apple’s Keynote event: drastic battery improvements and lower pricing

Come on Apple, did you forget about the battery improvements and lower pricing again? Here is what we missed at September’s Apple Event.

So on the back of the Apple Keynote Event from last Wednesday there were two things that kept bugging me. Did Apple’s Philip Schiller get fat and why did that clicker they used for the presentation look like something from the early 90’s!

courtesy of @davemark

No, of course I am kidding.

I wish to discuss the ongoing issue of battery capacity and also tap into the whole pricing dilemma. Buckle up!

Battery life, not again?
Now there are two things that really grind my gears, and have so for many years in my geeky tech ridden life. Firstly Apple’s poor battery life track record and secondly feminists, ahem, I mean pricing. I do tend to have a longer list of things that grind my gears but I did not see vegans, politicians, Greenpeace activists, flat earth believers and ISIS to be relevant here.

courtesy of

The above are probably the faces of Tim Cook and his execs over at Apple when they read the first two sentences of the above paragraph. Rightly so! Sorry Dr. Strange and Spidey, you guys are cool, even with the silly cape, doc.

I can tell you that for years, and rightly so, a lot of people have complained about the fact that their iPhone manages a day of battery life or less and with the Plus version maybe a day and a half at most. I surprisingly manage to squeeze almost two days out of my iPhone 7 Plus, which I am content with to be fair.

The iPhone 6, 7, and 8’s however barely get through a day. This is bloody appalling considering that we have put a man on the moon in the freaking 60’s, can do face transplants, make nuclear weapons, change genders, build autonomous cars and have Trump as president in the USA.

But Marcel, if you do not like it why don’t you get one of those battery pack cases?

courtesy of

Sure, let me just make my phone twice as thick, heavy and bulky! No, thanks. Smartphone manufacturers sometimes manage to create beautiful devices (not you Samsung), and the whole point is of course to not need a case, let alone a battery case around it. Thats like having my wife instead of a beautiful tight dress wear a Michelin man costume. Let us not do that, right dear?

So with Apple talking about 30 mins to 1,5 hours of additional battery life then basically I can play Candy Crush a little longer but over the course of a day that does f*ck all really!

How is it possible that the biggest and most profitable company in the world cannot ‘engineer’ a freakin’ bigger or better lasting iPhone battery?

ZTE, Xiaomi, OnePlus and Huawei all manage to cramp in 4000 mAh batteries into their smartphones and those f*ckers cost no more than 600 euro’s!!! Wait a second!! Those are all Chinese companies!! WTF! Well that must be why then. (hits himself over the head) Well then its simple Marcel, you should not buy an iPhone anymore! Said the dumbest donkey ever.

iPhones are more than just luxury products, they house all the technological solutions I require, from photos to music, games, social interaction and work. Apart from that I still believe that iOS is the most reliable, best updated, safest and best mobile operating system for years. I additionally consider the iPhones, especially the new Xs, to be the most beautifully designed phones out there. That is just my opinion.

Most people when comparing any Apple product to a non-Apple product mention one thing: price.
And you know what, I tend to agree with those Apple haters up to a certain point.

Let me be honest by admitting that I strongly feel that Apple’s products and I mean all of them are overpriced and thus exclude a large potential customer base who cannot afford them.

Apple know how to market their products, appeal to the masses and basically have been getting away with murder for years. Yet we still keep buying Apple products!? Yes, most products I find innovative (AirPods / Apple Watch / iPhones), of high quality and user friendly. Therefore I am personally willing to pay that extra amount. I completely understand others who do not consider it to be worth it. Each to their own of course.

Over the past 9 months I have read a lot of rumours about Apple optimising their production processes and supply chain of the iPhone X. There were major indications that the new iPhones would come to market at least $100 cheaper than the 2017 iPhone X. Unfortunately all those rumours were wrong and called rumours for a reason.

The way I believe Apple saved their asses with this decision is by offering a cheaper $799 iPhone Xr with 6 different colours. And it would not surprise me if the Xr becomes the best selling iPhone ever made.

Still with the massive profit margins Apple makes it could have afforded to have gone down in price, even if $100 does not seem like a lot. Remember that in marketing perception is everything, and those hundred bucks would have made a big change in many potential customers.

Are you interested in understanding your smartphone’s battery better and how to optimise it? Stay tuned for the quick start guide on battery management for all smartphones, not just iPhones.

Aside from all the possible criticism I have today pre-ordered the new iPhones Xs. I will do my first unboxing as soon as I have received it and share it with you all!