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Hey! You! Bloody hell where did you come from? Got side tracked trying to find porn? You probably got the word blunt and something rhyming with that word mixed up in your google search. Anyway this is not ‘X’ rated, so you can get your hands out of your pants now. This is also not a website on the other type of blunt also known as a joint or spliff. So welcome.

Welcome to BluntWisdumb, truthful and real.
Below is a short list of the topics covered on BluntWisdumb, click the links to find out more.

  • Life: this section houses a collection of topics from my life. Mr Wedding Planner, an intriguing journey of wedding planning through the eyes of the man. Damn! And Married Without Children which is co-written by my wife Ragna about married life. Recently added the ‘Worldly Wisdumb’ where I come across things that seem acceptable and logical, but when you think about it really do not seem so logical at all. My brain going into a tailspin really.
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  • Sports: being a sports, albeit predominantly football fanatic and referee, I love sharing my experiences and thoughts on topics I call: Football, Red Carded and The Shirt Collector. The section Football is co-written by my wife who loves to express her frustration about the sport, which leads to some hilarious comments and experiences. Laughing guaranteed.
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  • Play: covering some of my biggest interests ranging from my gadget freak addictions on everything electronics, apps, to music and my rather peculiar music tastes, albeit with a strong focus on Hip Hop and Heavy Metal. And also my passion for movies and series.
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  • Travel: I have spent half my life abroad and love traveling with my wife to see the wonders of this world, plenty to talk about my experiences in this section.
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About BluntWisdumb

My name is Marcel (31), and apart from being a married gaming football fanatic, working as a product marketing manager during the day, I also love to write about everything that goes on in my crazy brain and life.

For those of you not noticing the wordplay in the word ‘wisdumb’ instead of ‘wisdom’, aaah yes I see what you have done there! Good, now that is out of the way let me please remind you that if at any given point you feel offended by my writing then please run to your mother and have a good cry. Thank you for reading.

The sections called Married Without Children and Football are co-written by my wife.


This site is dedicated to my beautiful wife, Ragna.

For more information or contact please email: bluntwisdumb@gmail.com

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