The Gillette Ad: Shaving For Morality And Succeeding

What did you think of the Gillette ad on toxic masculinity? Here is my take on why it succeeded daringly.

The world has completely lost all its sense and logic. This was only confirmed by the latest commercial from the well known shaving company Gillette. The razor supplier had a clear thought behind its ad, however many men and women, albeit mostly men, in the world think very differently about it. Here is my unpolitical bearded male take on what has happened.

Firstly please take 2 minutes to watch the ad in question below, before continuing to read on. Even if you shave with Wilkinson, or don’t shave at all, please have a watch anyway.

What was your immediate reaction? Anger, frustration, disgust or disbelief?

If any of those feelings were your reaction then you need to take a good hard look in the mirror next time you are shaving, because you have lost the plot.

This ad had one clear message in mind and ultimately succeeds at it:
To reaffirm that we as men and as a society can all do better, be better fathers, friends, brothers, sons, colleagues and put morality and kindness in the limelight.

Nothing more, nothing less.

If your political agenda, or feminism, meninism or any other ism’s trigger anything but warmth, belief and a general uplifting feeling, after watching this ad, then you are dysfunctional, irrational and an asshole of a human being. Honestly you piss me off and what surprises me more than anything is how many of you assholes are out there. Yes, you can hate me all you like, but this is BluntWisdumb after all. You call yourself a man!?

Look at what happened to the ad on Youtube, more specifically look at the amount of dislikes this video gets.

screen shot 2019-01-17 at 18.10.01
courtesy of screenshot Youtube

Apparently 842.000 people have lost their marbles. Actually just an hour later that number is already 852.000 downvotes!!

Some of these comments do make me laugh though. Look at the first one. Apparently all men are rapists and that is what the ad supposedly advocates. Right. Nuff said.

screen shot 2019-01-17 at 18.16.58
courtesy of screenshot Youtube

Or this second one who found the motivation to stop buying Gillette products due to this ad. Again people are very much in the ‘rapey’ mood, so I watched the advert another three times to see if I could find any hint of celebrating rape, but…..No, of course.

screen shot 2019-01-17 at 19.27.44
courtesy of screenshot Youtube

Funnily enough it’s not even feminists who are screaming for attention here. Even Trump hasn’t asked for attention, although he did enough with his ‘hamberders’ tweet. No it’s men, or assholes in this case, whining, screaming at each other for attention about how hurt they are. Real manly indeed. Men who throw their razor down the toilet, take a picture of it, post it on social media to get attention, call for a boycott against Gillette and then there is me wondering how he is going to pick that razor back out of the toilet water? With his bare hands? What an utter twat!

Thank f*ck there are plenty of rational people still left in the world, even bearded ones like me who do not shave, who nonetheless can express their positive support for the ad online and again reconfirm that this ad is nothing more than asking for a bit of positivity, morality and kindness.

I would like to thank Gillette for being daring in a world where all we seem to be doing is look at each other’s faults, imperfections, political associations, skin colour, religions and basically anything to feel offended about. Since when did we become so angry and inhumane?

I support the campaign of #TheBestMenCanBe and hope you do too!

To finish I would like to show you some more funny tweets from supports of the ad and remind us all that we can always be better:

screen shot 2019-01-17 at 19.48.37
courtesy of screenshot Twitter
Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 19.50.45.png
courtesy of screenshot Twitter

Okay one more!

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 19.53.50.png
courtesy of screenshot Twitter

Author: MarcelvdWilden

Product Marketing Manager. Insomniac Gamer. Super Saiyan. Football Referee. Blunt (not James). Shitty Singer (like J.Blunt). Arsenal.

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