Mr Wedding Planner: 32 days to go

Yes I am still alive and kicking! It’s been a while, I know folks!
After a rather hectic past few months I had to wind down for a bit and enjoy my spare time a bit more, together with my fiancee of course!
Working a full time job, traveling for work, building a completely new website and continuing with the wedding planning has kept me quiet lately, but not anymore!
Today I will cover wedding jitters, tailor made suits, weather gods, bachelor parties and hurricane Irma.


Wedding Jitters
Its been more than 9 months of active planning, organising and fighting with family and in-laws, but now we are just a few weeks away from the big day.
There have been times I felt like Jim Carrey on the right here, but hey it is wedding planning and if I recall correctly that is never a walk in the park.
But with less than five weeks to go until the big day I have see myself getting more and more nervous by the day. For some reason there are a few things that I cannot get out of my head: what does my fiancee’s dress look like, will the weather hold up and will she actually say yes for the second time, when it actually matters?! LOL.
I have told my fiancee not to watch the following films just in case she gets cold feet:

  • Runaway Bride
  • My best friend’s wedding
  • Wedding Crashers

Maybe more important will be for me to keep some manly dignity and not cry like a wimp and faint when she walks down the aisle…

Tailor Made Suits
I had this grand idea to rent a jacquet outfit for the wedding, however the more I looked at images of it the more I started feeling like it was going to be a big mistake. Similar to Trump before he was about to grab the p*ssy and Bill Cosby when he topped the first victims drink with a peculiar pill. Oh wait no wait they do not have a conscience I actually meant like Oscar Pistorius before he accidentally on purpose blew his wife into a thousand pieces in the bathroom. Oh no bad example again. Anyway doubt is a nasty thing and then my fiancee said: “I think you should get a tailored made suit”.
Damn woman, you are correct! What a great idea.

So there I was going through websites who do fitting sessions for tailor made suits and found a good one in the area.
Suits priced from 450 euro’s and upwards it said. Ahum…You can tell where this is going.
Together with my fiancee and mother we went down to the fitting session in town. At first I was introduced to a wide array of fabrics and styles which funnily enough made me focus on one specific one, which at the end happens to be the chosen design. A bit like walking into a phone shop intending to buy an iphone, then the salesman shows you all the available android phones and then still buying the iphone.

So having two favourite design in front of me the lady kindly shared the prices with us for a three piece suit…..950 euros……1200 euros….1500 euros….

Hmm you must be thinking where is that 450 euro suit? A good old marketing trick let’s just leave it at. Because as it appeared I have good but expensive taste.
One guess what the invoice will be showing: Yup 1500 euro’s!! (time for a Benny Hill expression again)
As I now wait for it to be finished I will probably be too scared to even wear something of that worth! Oh well you only marry once right?

Weather Gods
I am no believer, no God, Allah or Buddha for me, but I will be praying to Indra, Odin, Zeus and Horus for some bloody decent weather on our wedding day. With the wedding partly taking place outside we just need some dry, mild and not too windy weather conditions. Not too much to ask for right? So please pray with me and hopefully I will be able to share beautiful weather wedding pictures with you after our wedding.
Maybe Friday the 13th is going to bite us in the bum after all, but I am going to remain positive just like Jason did on that day.


Bachelor Parties
A while back I mentioned that my bachelor party will not be taking place in my home country the Netherlands, but one of my favourite places in the UK, Manchester. I studied there and have some very fond memories which I hope to continue with my bachelor party. Normally I am not a big fan of surprises so the fact that my best man has arranged this whole thing and I do not know one single detail frightens me as much as it excites me! I have made an assumption of how my mates possibly might want me to dress during the bachelor weekend next week!

1. Ali G


2. The Princess


3. Elvis in the building


On the other hand maybe my mates will be modest and just stick to a funny t-shirt. Either way I am well excited for a crazy weekend of fun and surprises! Big thanks to my mate and best man Alister for arranging the whole thing!

Author: MarcelvdWilden

Product Marketing Manager. Insomniac Gamer. Super Saiyan. Football Referee. Blunt (not James). Shitty Singer (like J.Blunt). Arsenal.

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