Mr Wedding Planner: 91 days to go

Are you ready for the weekend? Because I certainly am after everything that has happened solely in this past week. This weeks’ episode of Mr Wedding Planner I have family feuds, a new wedding location, and complete wedding overhaul bonanza for that matter. Get your seat belts fastened and hold on to your hats folks!


Emotional Rollercoaster
It has been a quiet past few weeks since I last wrote to you all, quiet on the blogging front, the life front has been far from quiet. A bit like five heavy metal singers ‘grunting’ in your ears at maximum volume simultaneously, 24/7.

We had troublesome times coming from both sides of the families. But after all that crap I am happy to be on the path of mending relations with my parents, I am not going to lie, I still wish it could have gone differently from the start, but alas we will have to get over that one and I slowly but surely am.

Over the past months my fiancee and I have even started having a go at each other, over stuff that wasn’t even of our own doing, or wrongdoing should I say.

It developed into a situation so poisonous and concerning that a few weeks ago I had a mini mental breakdown and last week my fiancee caved in as well. This could no longer continue in this fashion and considering we had yet to enjoy our wedding preparations or even get excited for one minute, we felt it was time to ring the alarm and make a drastic u-turn!

Wedding 2.0
So there we were earlier this week, distraught, broken and suffering from sleep deprivation, thinking: “why don’t people just want us to be happy?”. Yes folks, in the past three days we completely overhauled our wedding, from top to bottom.

We cut the guest list down from 50 to 20 people, changed the location, a lot of admin crap with the city council, arranged new activities, catering and managed to keep our wedding date. (otherwise we would have been screwed, since the date is engraved into our wedding rings!)

Funnily enough as much as we felt it this week, my fiancee and I had not felt excitement and motivation like this once in our previous year of planning. We even feel that this new wedding setup completely beats the initial one. It was almost like it was meant to happen, fate behold. The cancelling of 30 guests hurt, but every single one of them, shared their understanding and sympathy with us, which was just what we needed to hear in these dark times.

We have less than three months to go and I pray to God that nobody or nothing will screw anything else up for us.


Screw You!
What is a wedding about? Is it not about the coming together of two people who love each other unconditionally and want nothing more than live together happily ever after and share this with their closest family and friends? Then how is it possible that some of those closest to us have the preposterous audacity to shit all over our ‘happy’ day and preparations because they believe their selfish attention seeking bullshit is more important! Shame on you!

Weddings are simple, you are invited, you want to go to it because you care about those to be wed. But apparently that is a not a given to some. I am upset, angry and distraught, not just to have seen the pain and despair in my fiancees eyes but knowing that certain people have disappointed us and even deserted us in our hour of need.

Let’s just say this was a lesson learned.


To conclude I wish to apologise for this very dark, yet honest post. Additionally I wish to apologise to those who can no longer come to our wedding, at least those that gave a crap. Ragna and I appreciate your sympathy and understanding and value this highly. You mean a lot to us.

To all the others who thought they were more important than us on our most important day, go see Satan, I hear he needs more slaves…

P.S. Ragna, my dearly beloved, nothing can beat our love, our passion and perseverance and at least we can now move on and spend 3 more months actually enjoying our perfect day. I love you!

Mr and Mrs-To-Be #happycouple #loveconquersall

Author: MarcelvdWilden

Product Marketing Manager. Insomniac Gamer. Super Saiyan. Football Referee. Blunt (not James). Shitty Singer (like J.Blunt). Arsenal.

2 thoughts on “Mr Wedding Planner: 91 days to go”

  1. Well done Marcel!
    It is a day for the 2 of you and those who sincerely love and want to join your joy 😘
    You don’t need poisoning eyes around you that day and any other day after 😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

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