Mr Wedding Planner: 123 days to go

After a rather turbulent and emotional week we venture into the world of cakes. Cake, who does not love cake, right?! But before anyone thinks the cover picture is Michael Jackson dragging Lisa-Marie Presley along the (cake) floor, you are mistaken. Could be though, so why not hold on to that thought. As I mentioned earlier last week was cake week and just like Marjorie from Fat Fighters I can also say:


Sue’s Cake Creations
First and foremost a big thank you to Sue from Sue’s Cake Creations for being our wedding cake supplier! We are extremely excited to both see the wedding cake once its done and eat it of course! Have a look at the great work Sue has done on her Facebook page: Sue’s Cake Creations

I have to say we are fortunate with Sue, she lives in the same town, just 5 minutes away, is the mother of an old primary school mate of mine going back 20 years and after seeing her creations was an easy choice. But still, after seeing her again it felt like time had stood still and nothing had changed (for the good of course). Sue and her husband welcomed us in their beautiful home and before we knew it my fiancee and I were sat down with a little fork in our hands.

Tasting Session
Let me tell you Sue had made some really tasty samples and boy oh boy did we find two winners. Funnily enough my fiancee and I almost telepathically decided simultaneously on the same flavours. So no arguing was required ;). Funnily enough we are like that with a lot of things. IKEA for example. My fiancee and I can walk into IKEA and agree upon choices 9 out of 10 times there and then. Saves a lot of discussion and time. We had the same with picking our wedding location, food and rings. We also tend to play the same games and watch the same movies. Except for the horror movies, brrr, no thanks Jason!


Now here comes the tricky part. I could of course show you how our cake will look and even which flavours we have chosen but that would ruin the surprise of course. So to tease you a little I will be showing 4 cake designs, and between two of them is a very close resemblance to our chosen design.

Take a look and after October 13th I will reveal the design or for those attending the wedding (you better not miss it!!). I know where you live. No just kidding 😉




















In the end we went home extremely satisfied and in luck, as we got take home the left overs from the cake tasting. Thank you again Sue, we look forward to the big day!

Planning Continued
Recently I wrote about my ongoing search for a good wedding photo shoot location. Well I am slowly getting closer to a potential winner. After my initial list of 7 possible locations I am now down to four. Coming Thursday our master of ceremony (my sister), my fiancee and I will be visiting some of these locations. Pictures can tell a lot but seeing something in real life can give a very different impression.

And after having picked a photographer we are also about to meet up with him and discuss the how’s and what’s of the wedding and the wedding photo shoot.

Let me tell you folks, it has been an emotional rollercoaster of a journey. Not because the planning itself takes so much time and can be stressful, no thanks to some of the people around us who thought certain issues were more important than the most important day of our lives. I am holding my breath and hoping that on the wedding day itself everyone will behave and grant my wife-to-be and myself the day we so long for and deserve.

I want to send a special thanks out to my sister (master of ceremony) who has been my rock and I am glad to have you along for the ride, sis! Also many thanks to my fiancee who has had to deal with a lot of crap as well and has shown me that together we are strong!

Have a great week everyone and remember treat others how you wish to be treated.

Author: MarcelvdWilden

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