Mr Wedding Planner: 136 days to go

Good day to you all folks! I wish I could say I am smiling like the guy above in the cover image but alas, not completely. This past week the world was shocked by the horror in Manchester where there was another senseless and cowardly act of terrorism, with this time predominantly children and teenage being the victims. I spent a year in Manchester while studying for my masters and actually visited the Manchester Arena twice in that period. Not to say that any other terrorist attack has any less meaning to me, but I could feel this one deeply. Why? Keep reading.

Why am I bringing you this sadness in a supposedly happy post? Well I am defying the terrorists and will probably end up holding my bachelor party in Manchester. This was a plan of mine for a while but the attack has not changed anything for me. I will not adjust or limit my life because of some wankstain of a nitwit who thinks he is going to get shagged by 72 virgins. By the way how on earth does one think of 72 virgins to begin with? Was two not enough? Greedy idiots. He is going to be so surprised when he meets 72 goats instead of virgins.

The Dress (not for me)
So I got one of my best men planning out some probably embarrassing and intoxicating trip for the bachelor party whilst I personally deal with a truly annoying part of me, being patient!
Oh yes, patience is a virtue they say. Well screw the virtue because I am bloody impatient and cannot stand the fact that my wife-to-be has found her dream dress and I will not get to see it until the wedding day!

Ha! That is the way it’s supposed to be, you will be shouting at me! And yes, you are correct, but it is eating me up inside and I simply cannot stand it. I am very glad though and filled with excitement, albeit with a hint of embarrassment. Embarrassment, because I have this feeling, that when I see my fiancee walking down the aisle for the first time in her dress, I will probably start crying like a baby.

My beautiful bride has hinted at that she does not want the typical white wedding dress, which is fine by me. She has a gothic past and is a big metalhead, so I am wondering which amounts of black, grey and purple and gothic designs will have found their way into her dress design…

I however cannot wait to see it and know that whatever she has picked will make her look perfect on the day. (You look perfect every day hun, but that day will be just that little extra perfect ;))
So in my anticipation and excitement I am going to share with you all my idea’s of what her dress could actually look like.

No.1 Hello Princess


No.2 Lady Marmalade


No.3 Black Swan


No.4 Moi Lolita


Either way, as mentioned earlier, I trust that my wife-to-be is going to look stunning and I cannot wait to see her in the dress of her dreams!

The Truth So Far
We shall now venture into a dark and sad place unfortunately.


[Crap, I meant darkness, but what is he doing in the picture?!]

The past few months have been challenging. And I do not mean the fact that wedding planning is stressful, which it is very much of course. But behind all the joking around and excitement is a lot of disappointment and frustration. I cannot say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the wedding planning and anticipation of my wedding day so far.
A wedding day should be one of, if not, THE most important and happiest days of your life. Some people do it twice or three times but I am going to go for the once in a lifetime.

But why is it that family members have to start behaving like mental headless chickens and interfere with everything??? Many people around me tell me that it is very common with almost every wedding to have family quarrels, disagreements on seating and guest lists etc.. Fair enough, I am not the only dealing with this crap.

However am I so wrong to think that no matter what your family or friends think, the wedding day is about you and your partner and nothing else should matter? Our wedding will not be with 150 people, actually barely a third, but that is the whole point, my partner and I want the people most important to us there. And no matter the reasons, those are the people WE choose, not you.

And it saddens me that certain people cannot accept that my wedding day is MY day and I will do it exactly as I want and I will invite the people that I want there.

It seems that our wedding day was picked by some on both sides of the family to try and solve or worsen deeply rooted issues/quarrels and use THE day as some sort of deadline! What the f*ck guys!

I apologise for that slightly depressing side note, but I have been truthfully writing to you for months on all aspects and as I endure them and this is sadly part of it.

Looking Ahead
Maybe I should have gone to Vegas after all, right?
So we continue to battle along and look ahead. We shall continue to make the most of this epic journey, no matter what, right folks?

Moving on. After having nailed down a photographer for the day and someone to create/supply our cake I am excited to say that this weekend we are going wedding cake tasting! Oh cake, what would I do without you?


What’s also amazed me is how useful contacts and acquaintances can be. The photographer was suggested to us by my mother’s best friend and the person supplying the cake is actually the mother of an old classmate of mine going all the way back to primary school. Such a small world we live in.

Next week I will be covering the ‘Tale of Cake Tasting’. I hope you will join me again then! Have a great week and remember to stand up for what you believe, no matter what or who! Amen.


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