Mr Wedding Planner: 158 days to go

Just 158 days to go! This week I discuss the wedding photoshoot and trying to find a photographer!

Husband to wife: ‘I hear you’ve been telling everyone that I’m an idiot.’
Wife: ‘Sorry, I didn’t know it was a secret.’

Say cheeseeee! Smarties! Pannenkoek!? Either way, what would a wedding be without a proper photo session right? The past few weeks I have been trying to get the photographic aspect of the wedding sorted. Let’s just say progress has been steady..

Pictures at weddings or any life changing event are vital, but taking pictures at a wedding will of course not be a simple focus and shoot job on an iphone. And as I have never dealt with this I started asking and looking around. One of the things that baffled me was the tariffs most photographers have. Paying a photographer 1200 euro’s for 6 hours work just makes me squeal! Maybe even more annoying is the fact that out of the 800 pictures taken you only receive 250 or so, which mostly are edited photo’s. But still, what is the photographer doing with those remaining 550 pictures, I as a customer do not receive? Delete them probably, or maybe some other sinister perverted activity in his/her dark room? Either way I have tried using some of my connections with family and friends and might be on to a good candidate. Just waiting for her offer and hoping the price is right 🙂

With a very tight timeline and organisation I first had to tackle the dilemma of fitting in our wedding shoot during the wedding or before the ceremony and the guests arrive. Our wedding is scheduled to start at 3pm.
So my initial idea was to have the photoshoot with ‘bride and groom’ around noon at a different location that could cater us both with good and bad weather, both inside and outside. Easier said than done of course. That would give us about 2 hours to get the shoot done.
However my fiancee is quite opposed to this because she would prefer to not have me see her before the actual ceremony. Bless her. I told her I would still start crying when she comes walking down the aisle even if we did the shoot before the ceremony. Crying ahum..

On that subject let me just clarify something about men in general. We are NOT all suffering from the same afflictions like: not showing emotions, being horny 24/7, talking about our emotions and acting macho around our women. I happen to be one of them that does express his feelings and emotions, the horny topic ‘uhm’ well let’s not go there. There might be kids reading this. So the other day I was at my physiotherapist for some back problems and we were talking about looks, body weight and other insecurities and I guess I was opening up a bit. Upon which he then said: Jeez Marcel, you are a big guy, but you are a bit of a softie inside aren’t you?


Enough sidetracking. I have now spoken to 2-3 photographers who have all suggested to do the photoshoot before the ceremony (ofcourse they get more money per hour) but it would give us more time, less stress and we would not have leave our wedding in between. I mean we cannot let guests stare at a wedding cake for 2 hours right?  I mean it is going to be an emotional day, but even the wedding cake will be in tiers. (get it? tiers as in layers, instead of tears) (bad joke pause)


So folks help me out here. I have conjured up some ideas with regards to the photoshoot and thought I would share them with you. Let me know what your pick(s) would be! Just like the locations which I am also still looking for, but for those I might have three good candidates. More on that next time once I know more about locations and photographer.

No.1 Chuck Norris is my name!!


No.2 Just stand a wee bit over here!


No.3 Don’t talk with your mouth full love!


No.4 What’s for supper?


No.5 Beauty and the Beast


So there you have it! I believe I would like to include numbers 1, 2, 4 and 5. My fiancee would probably want to divorce me on the same day if I suggest number 3! (time for Benny Hill expressions again)


Just like the locations which I am also still looking for, but for those I might have three good candidates. More on that next time once I know more about locations and photographer. Thanks for tuning in again and see you next time as I continue to count down the days in discombobulation towards this utterly soul destroying task of wedding planning. No dear, I love you and I cannot wait to get married. Deep down I am smiling and full of joy…. 🙂













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