Mr Wedding Planner: 200 days to go

200 days and counting, this time I cover rings, Gollum, locations and Benny Hill.

Oh dear it has been 32 days of silence! No I have not come out of the closet, did not jump off a bridge after watching TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress marathon on tv, nor did I start dating Katy Perry in secret (call me if you read this Katy)…. No just kidding, we are actually well on track for a fantastic wedding and now just 200 days to go and thus it is time for another session of Mr Wedding Planner!

Its been a busy past few weeks, amidst getting accustomed to my new job, getting a kitten and trying to plan this wedding. More importantly I can tick a few boxes on my to-do list for the big day ahead.

As Gollum will tell you, finding that ‘one’ ring is a bloody hell of a journey.


Good job Sauron had foreseen this situation and made an additional two rings (to rule them all) for my fiancee and I. As I mentioned in my previous post we had gone to the jeweller as we had found some rings we really liked. Even funnier that we eventually picked a totally different design than at first planned. Got to love a bit of impulsive shopping! We got a great deal for them and within two weeks they were ready for pick up. We added a little engraving to both rings, which I will not disclose until after the wedding ­čśë

Funnily enough ever since buying them and taking them home, my fiancee is having a bit of trouble staying away from them. Yes while they are stored away in her bed side cabinet, she keeps wanting to try her ring and look at it all the time. Even in her sleep she seems to be drawn to it, sometimes mumbling passionately: “precious, MY PRECIOUS!!” And let me tell you its scary as hell to see your fiancee next to you in bed doing a Bilbo Baggins on you when you ask her about the ring:


If you seriously do not understand the above, nor do you not know what an iPhone is or that Trump is actually the president of the United States of America then I suggest you crawl out of your cave and go watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It’s only 9 hours of ball-tingling amazement.
Anyway moving on, I will admit that the thought of having a ring around my finger for the rest of my life, showcasing┬ámy love to one person is exhillirating and I have also shared my fiancee’s temptations in sometimes trying on the ring….

So we have the rings covered, my Bilbo nightmares are also slowly dissipating, which brings me to probably the most important factor of the wedding day; the location.

52ef8bf45be60_6 S CASTLE

There we were, eagerly awaiting the quotation for our wedding day location and all the stuff that comes with it: food, alcohol and more food, buckets of food!
The above is a picture of a castle, you are correct, not our wedding location.
So our lovely event manager, as mentioned in my previous article, had put together the quotation and with a few minor adjustments things worked out relatively quickly.

As I was double checking the document for any administrative errors, I managed to find some peculiarities. The event manager had managed to spell my last name wrong on three accounts just on the first page, all three of them written differently wrong every single time. Come on!


Thank you Benny Hill for aiding me in expressing my feelings there.
What made it even more weird was the fact that when I rang the event manager up she acted heavily annoyed, not even trying to hide it. Bloody professional right! Oh well, maybe she was just on her period, I forgive her, it’s my wedding day after all!

As the local council is a pain in the backside we required a declaration of location from the event location to even register the wedding and our future marriage. Additionally we needed proof of identification of ourselves, our witnesses, cats and the neighbour’s hamster. But as we are in the year 2017 the application process can actually be done online! Wonderful, until the website timed out and I had to restart the whole process again. Time for another Benny Hill expression!


Either way, we eventually managed to press confirm and received the confirmation email that our marriage submission was under review. 24 Hours later we received the confirmation that on October 13th, 2017 we are legally permitted to get married at the location of our choosing! Oh and that little bit of admin work by the council was not for free of course, 581 euro’s to be precise! Let’s try and stick to marrying just once…;)

Location check, food check, alcohol (burp) check, rings check (my precious)….Next up the invites and invitee list. Check back next week for the continuation of Mr Wedding Planner!

Author: MarcelvdWilden

Product Marketing Manager. Insomniac Gamer. Super Saiyan. Football Referee. Blunt (not James). Shitty Singer (like J.Blunt). Arsenal.

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