Mr Wedding Planner: 232 days to go

Cunning plans, Blackadder, and high costs!

The theme for today? A cosy suite with jacuzzi, alcohol and rumpy-pumpy in bed, yes it is time for another passionate session of Mr Wedding Planner!
But before all of you think that this was going to be an insert out of Fifty Shades Of Grey, I am sorry to disappoint you. The steamiest scene to be displayed here will be that of me merely talking about a bridal suite while feeling remotely similar to Edmund Blackadder and Baldrick, coming up with a cunning plan, my wedding plan.


Oh and I do apologise if you have never seen these two gentlemen from the Blackadder series (have you been living under a rock?) or as Edmund would tell you: “your brain would make a grain of sand look large and ungainly and the part of you that can’t be mentioned, I am reliably informed by women around the court, wouldn’t be worth mentioning even if it could be.”

But let us leave the women of the court for now and take a gander down wedding plan lane.   A few days have passed and today my fiancee and I thought we would nail down our location and date while getting our registration for marriage at city hall arranged. However we found ourselves in a slightly different unanticipated predicament. In other words: “we are in the stickiest situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun.”
Interestingly enough I felt more like Baldrick today with my fiancee showing more signs of Edmund’s keen thinking.

Close by our ceremonial location (or so we thought), is a picturesque, sizeable monument of a building. Imagine a big old inn. This was to be our setting for a meeting with their business manager. A rapid thinking woman who quickly made it very clear to us that having the ceremony, wedding, dinner, all of it in one location and for less money, would be more sensible. Of course she would say that you think, she wants your money! However the woman was right, so after some calculations (the other location would have cost another 700 euro’s just for the ceremony), seeing the beautiful room of knights (main events room), bridal suite (fancy schmancy) and getting a very good package we have reconsidered and decided to ditch the other ceremonial location. The neanderthal like man in me also thought, one location is easier than two (ahum).

At one point Ayla, asked us if we liked to dance? After almost choking to death on the sip of Coca Cola I was having, my thoughts wandered off wanting to tell her: “have you ever seen a three-legged giraffe dance with a twerking, gothic princess?” Thus after looking into the gorgeously shimmering blue eyes of my fiancee, in some form of telepathy sensation, we decided that a specific disco lounge was not necessary for our wedding. A cunning plan indeed. We now await her proposal with our budget in mind but have managed to set down the 13th of October, as THE date!

Shortly after we found ourselves in the confines of the ever so depressing city hall. A place that gives me the creeps more than Baldrick’s teeth. Talking about teeth, it felt like getting kicked in them when the lady from city hall informed us that getting married would cost a sizeable 570 euro’s! Of course the city will try and suck us dry like some money-crazed leeches. Apparently one requires a proof of location before you can even get the approval forms for marriage submitted. (ondertrouw as the call it in my native Dutch)

So with the day readily planned we moved (through the pissing rain) to the jeweller we had set our eyes upon for the wedding rings. One of the things I love about my fiancee is the fact that with furniture shopping in Ikea or clothing, and now rings we always seem to be aligned quickly on what we both like and want. Thus after a mere 5 minutes we had found the design of the 14 carat gold rings, that will bind us in matrimony.
We were in luck as the second ring cost a small fraction of the first one, thus saving us a few hundred euro’s! Finally a cunning plan brought to a successful conclusion. Now we shall wait two weeks and then we will have them engraved and we will be able to tick this one of the to-do list!

Next up we will try to get the package deal of our liking, and the approval of location, so we can get the pesky admin side with city hall finalised. Until next time!

P.S. I have decided on a wedding outfit, hope you like it!

Author: MarcelvdWilden

Product Marketing Manager. Insomniac Gamer. Super Saiyan. Football Referee. Blunt (not James). Shitty Singer (like J.Blunt). Arsenal.

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